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    Increased my virtual box's linux base memory, and now I cannot login.

    I think I done something dumb. I decided to double my virtual box's kali linux v6.1 base memory (RAM) from 2048mb to 4622mb (my laptop still have enough memory to share), because I ran out of memory to download software into my machine. Once I turn off my linux machine, I double the memory, and...
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    Change Default Keyboard

    When setting up my virtual machine linux, I've regretted setting up my keyboard default to UK, when my keyboard is actually US based (facepalm). I thought I can change it later (which I did), but the machine is stubborn. For every new login attempt, linux will return back to the default UK...
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    VM NAT Private IP Address

    I'm using Virtual Box kali linux using network NAT, and I'm trying to do nmap scan, however something is wrong. By using ifconfig, I saw that my IP address first octet is 10.0.2.***, but its netmask is That's doesn't make any sense. If its netmask is that value, then it should be...
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    Trying to add repositories

    I'd read and trying to apply "Kali Linux Repository" into my apt/source.list from the thread below, however even after overwrite and updating them, the "Unable to locate package tilix" still occurred...