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    Android 9

    My mother has a Samsung A30 and got a security update October 2019 and nothing after that. It runs on Android 9 and I have read about updates for that OS in January and February 2020. It just shows me "your phone is up to date." What can I do to find out whats wrong?
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    Swiss Army knife Linux

    I have been using MX Linux for a few days and find it to be the best Linux distro I have ever used. With all the options it looks like a Swiss Army knife and works very well. You even have access to the testing repository in the easy to use MX package installer. The only disadvantage is...
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    Suspend or hibernate?

    I am using Arch based Antergos and tried the "Suspend" to go and make some coffee. When I came back it thought that I must only move the mouse and the PC will come back to live. I tried ctrl+alt+delete and stuff like that and nothing happened.] I presumed that the PC was off and pressed the...
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    Antergos Metamorphosis

    Does anyone know when my Antergos Budgie will turn into an Arch Cuckatoo or better still, a Galah?
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    Manjaro Architect

    I am interested in installing Manjaro Architect but first have to do my homework ,but can't find a step by step tutorial anywhere. There's no instructions in the official PDF. The idea is to choose just what I want during the installation instead of the plethora of programs I will never use.
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    Power save in Budgie

    I am using the Budgie desktop in Antergos (Linux 5.1.4) and the power saving setting doesn't work at all. I can see that I have Gnome version 3.32.2. Is there a way to fix this and are other DE more reliable? (XFCE or KDE) Everything else works flawlessly.
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    Switch to LTS in Antergos

    I am new to Arch based systems and was just wondering, if I want to switch to the LTS Linux kernel as the default kernel how do I do that? I found the following command in some article sudo pacman -S linux-lts sudo pacman install linux-lts-headers Is this all it takes? The standard kernel on...
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    Antergos rules!

    I have installed Antergos Budgie this weekend and find that everything from Firefox to 0 A.D. works so much better on my AMD A10-5880k APU with a 2 Gig Radeon R6670 graphics card. This is after using Debian 9, Lubuntu 18.04 this year. The only strange thing was that I choose the long term...
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    Disk burning program in Solus 4

    I want to erase a re-writable DVD in Solus 4 but can't find the program to use. I installed Brasero from the software center but it doens't want to launch.
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    Dual booting two Linux distros

    Is it very complicated installing Manjaro(or anything else) to dual boot with my current Lubuntu installation? There is a lot of information about dual booting Windows and Linux, but not two Linux distros. Will I have to manually partition the hard drive or is there a option in, for example...
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    White flash

    I see a white flash across my screen when I exit Firefox or some other program. I don't know if this has something to do with the graphics driver. When I installed the OS, the graphics card was out of order with a broken fan. It's not a great problem, just a little annoying. There is also no...
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    Solus vs Manjaro

    Which is the best non technical, get out of your way option? Solus or Manjaro?
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    Standardize commands and software versions

    Why don't they standardize commands and software in the same distro, say Ubuntu or whatever? I just have two games on my PC and I had to ad a repository to get the latest version of one of them because the one in the software center was older. The other one also had a newer version but I still...
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    Sync with Google drive

    Is there no easy way to synchronize my documents folder(on my PC) with Google drive in Ubuntu? As far as I know it only works on Windows and Mac.
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    FPS single player for Ubuntu

    Any ideas about I rewarding first person shooter (single player) on Ubuntu that's free and not too demanding on low specs hardware? I could only find Nexuiz and OpenArena, but I am looking for something less sci fi.
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    Switching Ubuntu's

    I am running Lubuntu 18.04 LTS and after I fixed my graphics card with a new fan or buy a new one in the coming months, can I change to Kubuntu by installing kde-full or kde-plasma-desktop from Synaptic? Might this work or break everything?