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    Help Post

    Have a read.
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    Which distro for old laptop

    Bodhi is a good Linux distro I use it on some of my old computers and it's A-OK.
  3. poorguy

    Linux Mint 14.1 Mate
  4. poorguy

    Kernel question

    Based on this article Linux Mint 19.3 is based on a LTS kernel so if that is the case I'd stay with it. 4th paragraph Beneath the hood, the new Mint is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and the 4.15.0-72 Linux kernel. MInt...
  5. poorguy

    Wifi adapter needs to be reconnected after using windows

    Was this adapter installed and used at the time you installed Manjaro. Did you update Manjaro after you installed it and if not update it. Hopefully someone with knowledge about Manjaro KDE will be by to help.
  6. poorguy

    Wifi adapter needs to be reconnected after using windows

    I'm not familiar with Manjaro although look in wireless settings for an option to automatically connect or connect automatically or something like that.
  7. poorguy

    Debian installation Problem

    I have kids older than you o_O you're young. I'm gonna be 68 years old this year. :D
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    Debian installation Problem

    OK my mistake :oops: old age and poor eye sight it will probably happen to you when you get old.:p
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    Debian installation Problem

    Actually a net install does come with a graphical installer or a text installer. The net installer does just what it says installs from the net.
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    Linux newbie still drowning

    All of my Linux computers are curb finds and other users discarded computers from 2010 and a few of them are older. Most older hardware will run Linux without problems however the perspective Linux user needs to match the Linux distro with the hardware. The user interface of some Linux distros...
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    Debian installation Problem

    Did you download an iso file for a net install and then create bootable cd. If using Windows to create bootable media you can use infrarecorder to WRITE IMAGE to the cd and not copy. Once you have created bootable cd media than insert...
  12. poorguy

    Crossover on Ubuntu

    Do you have a computer with Windows 10 and do you have a Microsoft account. If you have a Microsoft account then all that is needed is to login the Microsoft account and use Microsoft Office 365 for zero cost. The Wife has a Microsoft account and can use Microsoft online free apps so cross...
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    For those who can't let go.

    The Wife and I like big trash day and do see a lot of old antique treasures sometimes worthy of a look and perhaps grabbing.
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    For those who can't let go.

    Yep lots of treasures found in trash piles. :p:D
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    For those who can't let go.

    I want Linux to look like Linux. I want Windows to look like Windows. Never understood why anyone would want it any other way.
  16. poorguy

    Unmount Vs Eject

    Before I physically remove any usb device flash drive etc I'll open my File Manager and under Devices I'll locate the device which I'm wanting to physically remove and unmount the device and eject the device which are the options I'm given in MX-19 Linux. @dos2unix is right on in post #3.
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    For those who can't let go.
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    Unmount Vs Eject

    This is one area Windows OS will always supersede Linux is safely removing usb drives / safely unmounting usb drives / safely ejecting usb drives. I've had issues with Linux corrupting usb flash drives and don't ever recall usb flash drives getting corrupt using Windows. Contrary to beliefs...
  19. poorguy

    Unmount Vs Eject

    Perhaps this will explain.
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    Just a query regarding PDF veiwers

    MX-19 installs PDF Arranger and FBReader and qpdfview all of these work well for what I do.