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    Video Not Working

    Hi, I've a strange problem with my video. When I try to watch live sports streams I see nothing. The video doesn't start at all. However, if I connect to the internet using a VPN the same video then plays with no problem at all. I've also tried using my phone and again the same video works even...
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    Typing Accents

    I speak French and Italian as well as English and use forums in all three languages. With Windows I was able to use (I forget the correct name) international UK keyboard or something where I could easily put accents etc. I've tried changing the keyboard settings to various English language...
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    Firewall Blocks My VPN - Solved

    To get Pure VPN to work I have to disable my firewall (UFW). It won't connect otherwise. Rather than keeping the firewall disabled whilst using the VPN though, how do I create an exception (this might not be the right term) so that the firewall will allow my VPN to connect? Also, I speak French...
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    Newbie: Help Please - Found Traces of Windows After Linux Mint Complete Install

    I'm new to Linux and am finding the experience really positive so far. I installed Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon as a full install (chose to wipe Microsoft Windows). After a little exploring I've found traces of Windows still left in the C drive, e.g. in Program Data folder, Program Files folder etc...