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  1. Tolkem

    Really low spec linux distros?

    Apart from using some net.iso and build your OS up from there, I think this might be what you're looking for
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    VM connecting USB / what is better than WINE

    You're welcome @hendricks54 Did you install vbox guest additions? extension pack? What version of Vbox are you using? What version of Windows are you using for the VM?
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    When I first read of this project it gave me the idea to create my own aliases to go to those dirs with a very long path name in .bash_aliases file so I can go to those by just typing a word. Quite a nice list you have there @JasKinasis I myself use a few of those as well, cmus, wget, scrot ...
  4. Tolkem

    VM connecting USB / what is better than WINE

    You need to provide more details as to what it is exactly you're trying to do and how you are trying to do it. What virtualization software are you using? VirtualBox? QEMU? VMWare? What's the guest OS? What's the host OS? What app are you trying to run on wine? Reply with some of these details...
  5. Tolkem

    help choose linux distro

    Anonymous? Not sure what you mean by that. Try this one pick the KDE version. Regarding the anonymous thing I guess you might install some vpn or you could try tails "The Amnesic Incognito Live System"...
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    How to install good themes on Linux mint?

    First thing first, are you using Mint XFCE? Cinnamon? The first image I believe is the sweet theme, on Cinnamon? and the second one not sure what theme is that. Also, both images show a conky theme, probably with conky-manager. Look for those; sweet theme and conky-manager, install them, play...
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    Try with this apt search keyword | less change keyword for something else, i.e graphics or in your case "goodies". Apt will list everything matching your search criteria. You could also try this and have some fun reading here...
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    Debian installation Problem

    I like my system as minimal as possible too. I just created a VM using the Debian netinst.iso and installed awesome-wm which I did before and even posted here at that time I used the stable stretch branch but now I wanted to play a bit...
  9. Tolkem

    Debian installation Problem

    You're right. Guess since it's been a while I last installed it forgot about that, my apologies.
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    Debian installation Problem

    Precisely my point, it doesn't ship with a desktop by default, meaning you can opt to install just text mode and from there install everthing else which is quite faster and much more reliable.
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    Debian installation Problem

    Debian netinst method doesn't ship with a desktop, you have to install one after installing the system as well as any other apps you need.
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    Vnstat Bandwidth Monitor

    You have to tell Vnstat the interface you want it to watch vnstat -i iface_name replace iface_name with the name of the your broadband interface. Hope this helps! :)
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    Distro selection

    If you're looking for a Windows-like UI distro you migth want to take a look at Q4OS the trinity desktop looks a lot like Win 7. Check it out requirements are as low as I think this one might just be it.
  14. Tolkem

    Can I run ls with with multiple arguments

    Maybe try again with sudo? sudo stat * > logs.txt or sudo ls -lt > logs.txt By the way, which Linux distro is this? Just tried here in /etc/ and didn't work, I had to become root so it worked. Guess you'll have to become root too and run those commands then move the logs.txt file with something...
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    online poker

    I play online poker too and unfortunately most poker clients won't work on Linux, the only one I managed to get working using wine was Poker Stars but I don't play there anymore. You might try playing using the flash client right from the browser click on instant play...
  16. Tolkem

    Can I run ls with with multiple arguments

    @granidier 32+ millions of files? Wow! That's way too many files! no wonder ls, stat or your 3rd party program hangs. What if you redirect the output to a file? Maybe something like stat * > logs.txt or ls -lt > logs.txt might work and later you can review logs.txt to narrow your search...
  17. Tolkem

    Installation of linux and GRUB

    So, do you want to dual boot Linux and Windows? Well, installing grub is mandatory, as far as I know. Maybe, what you need is install Linux in a USB drive and that way you won't have to mess around with your pc's bootloader and/or install grub in your hard disk which you'll have to if dual...
  18. Tolkem

    Installation of linux and GRUB

    Well, if I understand correctly your question, this is exactly what grub does; provides a menu so you can choose either booting Windows or Linux, is that what you're asking? Or, are you asking if is possible to have two different "grub" loaders, one for Windows and one for Linux? If that's the...
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    Debian installation Problem

    I'm not that old - 43 - but my sight is not as good as it used to be :(
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    Debian installation Problem

    Hmmm ... I don't remember seeing that when I created my VM using the netinst.iso, I do remember seeing it in the Live one but not in the net.iso.