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    slow intranet.

    So guys.... One more try. I have two computers and 1 gigabit network, when i transfer data between them i only get about 600 megabit. What can i do to optimize?
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    Wow, 2 gigabit network card and a switch

    The topic tell what most people have nowadays, so do i but... With fast enough ssd drives, cpu's and correct cables i did: receiver: nc -l -p 1 > /dev/null transmitter: dd if=some.4gig.junk.bin bs=4096 count=262000 status=progress | nc receiver 1 and during and at the end dd say 70 megabyte per...
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    crazy amount of memory...

    I bet someone, at least 1, before me have asked this question, but... Some sites tell me my motherboard can only have 4 gig ram, others say 8. 32-bit os's cut at 3.5 gig... etc... My postgresql server needs a bit more memory and it's a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E5915 Celeron 2ghz 2 cores, with 4...