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  1. Fishy

    Which Linux runs best with Intel

    I started off in Linux with Mint bounced around to a few distro before I landed with Solus Budgie which was 3.9999. I switched over to KDE Plasma for the DE and tried most of the distros that offer a KDE Plasma experience. I am using Kubuntu still on a couple machines that we run AMD on older...
  2. Fishy

    What is BROKEN ? ? ?

    I have no idea what it means or what to do ........... from here. The very very old DELL desktop pc will bootup and run when the SSD with LXLE is plugged in. Power it off and unplug SSD and plug in a HDD that is more current for the model year release of the DELL Win XP and this happens when you...
  3. Fishy

    Fooling someone with Linux

    I have a paradox of sorts .............. Since I have computers with Linux already, this will be taking myself out of the equations for the purpose of an unfamiliar user on Linux to let them think they are using something else instead of Linux. Everyone that comes to our home with the exception...
  4. Fishy

    Have heard Linux is the way to go

    Up until 2 months ago had never heard Linux mentioned being used in a home computer user setting. That story is something total different then what I am curious about. It is a 2 fold paradox from where I stand. If Linux is 10 times better then anything else every - - 1. which Linux is the...