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    Have Linux Mint Rebecca 17.1 .386 installed. Get some great wallpaper pics at startup but am unable to find them to use as normal home wallpaper. Is there a folder for them? How do you access it using the command line and activate the one you like? Jim
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    Wireless connection not working

    computer: P4 2 gighertz 2 gighertz ram 40 gighertz ATA hard drive Linux mint rebecca 17.1 .i386 installed and operational Internet works on netgear thumb drive. Want to install PC card for internet instead of thumb drive Only PC card able to find is: CNET CNWLC-811 11 MBPS Wireless Lan PC Card...
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    Startup problem

    Well I have been through most distros trying to install on an older computer. After approximately a week I was finally able to load linux mint mate 17.1 32 bit. The only problem so far is it is no longer updated and if you use the updater you get updated to 19.1 64 bit which if I am not mistaken...