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    Any issues with Debian 11 Release 2

    Hi Boys. For those who are already using Debian 11. Do you have any problems or known issues or bugs that you’ve encountered so far? So after reading up on most of the distros, I’ve decided to go for Debian 11 and I was thinking either to directly download the Release 2 version or wait for the...
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    Should I go for Debian 10, Debian 11 or Parrot home Os?

    Hi boys. Beginners question here. I am a privacy focused user, if it’s between Debian 10, waiting for Debian 11or Parrot Home Os, what are you thoughts. I know parrot is a rolling fork of Debian but is it safe or should I just wait for Debian 11 full release. Just out of curiosity, and parrot...
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    Has the Boothole vulnerability been fixed?

    Hey boys. I was reading and came across the “boothole” vulnerability, is it still out there or is there a permanent fix for it as it’s kinda confusing with all the articles posted everywhere saying one thing and another. Would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about this boothole thingy
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    I only have one hard drive but the file manager is showing two with the same capacity.

    Hi boys. I really need some urgent help here! I have a Debian os installed and during my installation via calamares, I selected erase disk, no partition and with disk encryption. Everything went well until… When I opened my dolphin file manager, it shows (two of the same drives) under...