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    Installing on laptop that has Windows 11 installed

    My personal computers (desktop and new laptop) both are running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS without problem. Recently, my wife got fed up with Microsoft and their almost constant updates/upgrades to the operating system. Her computer, a HP laptop less than two years old, was (is) running Windows 10 but...
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    Installing Linux on a Chromebook

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this question, but the question is about getting a new computer running with Linux. Background: A week or two ago, I bought a new ChromeBook laptop that was made by HP. The OS details of the laptop are: Make of laptop: Chromebook Manufacturer...
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    [SOLVED] Need lightweight distro suitable for old RCA tablet

    I have an older RCA Voyager III tablet that does have Android installed. But it also has several Google apps and programs that I do not like. Trouble is that the tablet only has 10.5 GB of memory and 29.24 GB available on a micro USB card. Somewhat slowly I am learning the Linux language. My...
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    Linux on a tablet

    While I am not an absolute noob about Linux or the general Unix operating system, I do have a question about two tablet computers that I own. Both of those tablets were configured and sold with the Windows operating system. On one of the tablets, if I turn it on it will attempt to do an...
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    Dell Inspiron-3268 - Teething Problems with Ubuntu 18.04

    Probably 'just another noob' question or problem, but I am at a point where I almost desperately need some guidance and assistance. My main computer (the one I am writing this on) is a Dell Inspiron-3268 that until about 18 months ago had Windows 10 as the operating system. One of Microsoft's...