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    Why do you use a specific Linux Distro as a Daily Driver !

    Since droping win 11 a couple of weeks back, I have been distro hopping in the hope of finding a Disrto as my daily driver ! My needs are very much simple and it has been like that for some years. I am a trader by trade. Not a geek nor an IT guy but can get around with clear howtos without...
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    [SOLVED] Issuing a GPG key with kleopatra is returning a general error

    I have been trying to issue a GPG key with Kleopatra but everytime it returns the same error Looking closer at the logs I am getting There isn't much to go on the internet about this "assuan broken pipe". Any help is much appreciated. I can create a gpg key manually but I would rather...
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    MSI Delta 15 and Fedora 36

    I am running Fedora 36 on my new rig. Delta 15 Full AMD. Its running smooth as butter. I have one issue. Hesitated to post as I think I have I have gone back and forth trying to find a solution but to no avail. Keyboard backlighting is stuck at full blast. Fn key just for the keyboard backlight...
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    ERROR: module not found: `crc32ca’

    Fresh install of Arch Launched mkinitcpio (Added nvidia modules) and stumbled upon this error ‘ERROR: module not found: `crc32ca’ " Very little info on module ‘crc32ca’ on the net. Thank you for your help
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    One Distro = One Model of Laptop and Possibly one DE

    Just an idea.. I have been distro hoping a lot and testing DE.. I stopped upon one Distro and one DE that fits my hardware/laptop. This is not a choice I made. Frankly on a personal note, could not careless about using Gnome/KDE/Xfce/ etc.. They all work well for the type of work I do with my...
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    User and Group

    Probably a dumb question for most of youse but asking any ways.. I am trying to understand user and group in Linux and found that my user has a group of the same name. Why is that ?
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    Wlan Soft Kills set after each reboot

    I have moved from NetworkManager to systemd-netword to solve some other issue. Everything is working nicely. But I have triggered another issue I did not have before moving to systemd-netword. I am getting a soft-kill on wlan every time I reboot my rig. I can disable the soft-kill and make...
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    Format external Drive/USB - Misunderstood

    I am not able to understand this problem I am facing. I have usb thumb drive and drive that need to mount on my host. Before mounting those drives, I format those drives/usb using either ext4 or btrfs. Using either gparted or using cli sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb1, I end up not being able to use...
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    KDE env variable

    I need to have a script start when KDE start. Reading, I found out that the best practice is to put the script where env variable KDE are. ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env/ kde env Did I interpret that correctly ? I made the script executable # chmod u+x script.sh The script has user permission...
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    H265 and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobile

    I cannot seem to decode h265 with my GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobile. Is it normal ? I have no issue using h264.
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    Kleopatra and certification of gpg keys

    I have been trying to certifiy gpg keys using Kleopatra but to no avail. Nothing actually happens with no message. I received two external keys. Imported those keys into Kleopatra. Tried to certify those keys and no go. I created two keys myself using Kleopatra and everything is fine.. I...
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    VLC vs MPV Playing movies on SMB shares

    Context: KDE with Dolphin SMB share accessed through Dolphin. Can't play movies using MPV. Can play movies using VLC Any one knows why MPV can't play movies on SMB shares accessed through Dolphin ?
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    SMB share with Domain Name

    Can connect to my SMB share on a Pi with IP but cannot connect with domain name. I have absolutely no issue when using IP. For the sake of not dying dumb, could someone explain me why this is happening with the domain name 'raspberrypi.lan' ? $ hostname raspberrypi $ nmblookup raspberrypi...
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    KDE Slider Display Backlight in Energy - No effect

    Slider in Energy for the display backlight in KDE is not producing any effect. It moves but with no effect on the actual display. Keyboard shortcuts for the display backlight work as expected. End result is, after reboot/disconnecting and reconnecting external display, backlight is stuck at...
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    TouchPad MSFT0001:00 06CB:7F28

    TouchPad MSFT0001:00 06CB:7F28 is dead. Bug TouchPad MSFT Any one smarter than me can translate the bug and let me know if I have a chance to get it working ? There is mentioned of a patch but I have to say this is out my depth. Identical TouchPad Post
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    What makes a good distro from: A new User perspective

    I am new to Linux ( a couple of weeks ) and would like to have your opinion as far as what constitutes a good distro from a User perspective? Keyword here being User as opposed to Admin or IT guy. A couple of weeks ago I embarked in a Linux Journey. Right away I started distro hopping. I still...
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    Giving a go at FZF.

    I have been using FZF for the past days with ZSH and VIM. Just to remind the context, I am the perfect Newbie. I get around with clear tutorial. The reason of wanting FZF, because I have thousands of Movies and Photos and was tired searching by hand. As of now, everything is working perfectly...
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    r8168 vs r8169 - Tumbleweed

    I come to youse oh smart ones as I am unable to go any further in understanding the issue. Probably distro specific but unsure. As you can see below I am using realtek RTL8111E. Driver r8169 crapped out too many times so installed r8168 as per guidance on some other forums and blacklisted r8169...
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    MPV, Chrome, and Celluloid not launching due to missing library

    Greetings, I have this setup for the past months and everything worked very nicely. Recent update broke something. I am using Arch Linux with LTS kernel. I am a newbie at this so forgive the brevity/confusion. I am using Chrome, MPV, and Celluloid. All three do not launch. All of them give...