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  1. kc1di

    This is a link to a poll.

    I Started the My favorite Desktop to be of help to newbies in selection of a DE to try. But someone requested a Poll so I made on on that thread. You can find it here.
  2. kc1di

    my favorite desktops

    Which distro are you using enlightenment on?
  3. kc1di

    my favorite desktops

    My typing Sorry! Corrected :)
  4. kc1di

    my favorite desktops

    look again cinnamon is # 3 on my list :) Cinnamon - Clem and the Mint Dev's did a great job in taking a not so great DE and making it into something usable.
  5. kc1di

    my favorite desktops

    I've been asked this more and more lately as newbies try to navigate what they see as confusion over desktop choices. You see most of them are coming from a no choice environment. My list and I must point out it's my list because everyone's may be different and that is OK. 1. KDE -- I've...
  6. kc1di

    U.S. Govt. Apps Bundled Russian Code With Ties to Mobile Malware Developer

    It does not surprise me at this point in time. I just shake my head at times at how gullible people are.
  7. kc1di

    I looking old verisons FEDORA

    I would reiterate @KGIII's warning that using an old unsupported Distro is a very bad Idea. There are many new still supported distros that will work on those machines. 4gb ram is good but if you don't mind slow even 2gbs will work. AntiX comes to mind for one. And there are others.
  8. kc1di

    Best version for low end pc

    Not bad, with any Linux there is a learning curve. You may find this page of interest also start with the getting started page. Good luck.
  9. kc1di

    Best version for low end pc

    I might add that I do not recommend Kali for newbie ops. You should have at least a few years experience in linux to run that one. An often overlooked distro that is fairly light weight on resources is Bohdi. Found here:
  10. kc1di

    Best version for low end pc

    Out of the one's you listed Debian would be the best for low end pc. With xfce desktop But you should have listed Lubuntu, Puppy, AntiX, LXDE There are many low resource Distros that work better than the one's listed.
  11. kc1di

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    The one for Dec 2022.
  12. kc1di

    Migrating my code from Centos to Ubuntu.

    Hello @abdul17, What is it that your trying to compile? Ubuntu may have too newer libs, etc. compared to centOS. Cent has been dropped by Redhat so you may be better served by using one of the new versions. Such as rocky that just released a new version or Alma.
  13. kc1di

    Chrome - unlock authentication required before opening

    Are you using MX-21 xfce or kde? in any event I don't have MX installed at the moment but there is a setting in the settings panel to disable the key ring which does away with the problem.
  14. kc1di

    [Solved] Fans ramping following fresh install of Fedora 37

    Glad you got it sorted :)
  15. kc1di

    Considering installing Linux Mint

    Hello @Cymro, Welcome to the Linux.org Forums. You should be able to find many equivalent programs in Mint. It's a great Distro. There is a learning curve but it's not too difficult. Gthumb is a good alternative for infranview. There are plenty of you tube downloaders available. As to...
  16. kc1di

    [Solved] Fans ramping following fresh install of Fedora 37

    you have most likely already checked But have cleaned the fan and exhaust ports recently? and made sure the cpu is in good contact with the heatsink?
  17. kc1di

    Debian Testing/Unstable News

    Thanks for the heads up.
  18. kc1di

    Cloud computing

    This page maybe of help.
  19. kc1di

    Upgrading FireFox Challange

    Hi, Which version of Mint are you using because in Mint 21 FF is at version 107. So I'm assuming your using an older version than that. Or maybe you upgrade to 21 from 20 and It did not change all the apt repositories. In any event you should be able to upgrade fire for to at least version 107.
  20. kc1di

    Files doesn't appear in desktop

    first Kalli was not designed to be a desktop daily driver. That being said. If you are using the gnome desktop with it. gnome does not usually show desktop files. But expects you to navigate to the folder containing the files. If that is the case for you and you need the files on the desktop...