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  1. SpongebobFan1994

    Post Memes Here

    They can either be ones you made or ones you found on the web. I'll go first. Here's a Spongebob meme I made in LibreOffice Draw:
  2. SpongebobFan1994

    One DistroTube Video is Badly Pixelated While Others Aren't

    DistroTube made a video back in 2020 about gun rights being similar to digital rights, and it was difficult to watch just now because it kept pixelating. To troubleshoot this, I tried changing the resolution from 360p to 720p (didn't work), I tried clearing the cache in my browser because I...
  3. SpongebobFan1994

    Trying to Transfer Music onto Sandisk Clip Sport Plus

    I'm using Linux Mint 21 XFCE and my new MP3 player won't auto-sync. It will show up in disks, but not Thunar. While searching for a solution, I encountered this thread on the Mint forums: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=360397 When the person was told they needed to format it, I...
  4. SpongebobFan1994

    Unsigned Packages

    I'm currently running Mint 21 XFCE Edition, and while going through my updates list, I found both a signed and unsigned GRUB2 package. Being that I'm not familiar with unsigned packages, I completed a quick web search and found a thread on the Mint forums where someone was asking the same...
  5. SpongebobFan1994

    MP4 Video Won't Download Correctly (Solved)

    Although I'm only in my late 20's, I've seriously become disgusted with how American Culture has consistently degenerated over the years (some of you who've interacted with me in the past know that about me in some regard). In response to that, I've spent the last few years slowly bettering...
  6. SpongebobFan1994

    Here's An Interesting Video

    When I saw the title, I at first thought GIMP started putting ads in the program itself and became spyware, but thankfully they didn't https://invidious.tiekoetter.com/watch?v=jzw63Li17Kg
  7. SpongebobFan1994

    Is It Possible to Jailbreak a Ring Doorbell?

    My neighbor across the street recently bought one of these because he wanted to keep an eye on his packages from amazon, and his wife wanted to feel safe when she's home alone with the kids. When we were talking about it, I politely mentioned that the data it collects goes right to Ring's...
  8. SpongebobFan1994

    Distributing Copies of Riced Distros

    Because we all like to include features that didn't originally come with a distro, especially distros that are very basic by design, I'm wondering if its possible to create and distribute copies of riced distros? While it is true that each user configures their distro to their own liking, you...
  9. SpongebobFan1994

    Tim Berners-Lee is Working to Re-Decentralize the Web

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well! :) As you know, the modern web has gradually become a tool of control by the Powers That Be, and the man who invented the original web has had concerns about that happening since day one. Now he's finally doing something about it by developing a...
  10. SpongebobFan1994

    Can FreeDOS Be Used as a Daily Driver?

    One thing I can appreciate about Linux is it's flexibility. This is why it's been used in projects like embedded systems, servers, and even NASA missions. However, despite developments to make it a usable desktop OS, it was obviously never intended to be just that, which is one of the reasons...
  11. SpongebobFan1994

    Questions About Homebrewed Video Games

    When my brother was younger, he used to collect video game magazines from Playstation, Xbox, Electronic Gaming Monthly, etc. If I remember correctly, he was supposedly getting rid of them around the time he was moving into his college dorm because he wouldn't have the space for them, and I've...
  12. SpongebobFan1994

    (Solved) Mint 21 XFCE Won't Go Into Sleep Mode

    Because Cinnamon 20.2 was slowing down my Lenovo X200 convertible, I recently installed the XFCE version of Mint 21. Since then, I've noticed a recurring problem where it won't go into sleep mode when put the screen down, and when I put the screen back up, it logs me out. I tried restarting the...
  13. SpongebobFan1994

    Trying to Get Gnome Boxes to Boot Up VM

    For a while now, I've been checking out other distros so I can eventually switch to one, and Nitrux is one I want to try. I downloaded Gnome Boxes because the description said it's very easy to set up VMs. The problem is every time I try to set up any distro in a VM, I get an error message...
  14. SpongebobFan1994

    LibreWolf 102 Makes Sites Crash

    I recently upgraded from 90 (which still had varying degrees of tracking protection under settings > privacy and security), and now LW feels too hardened. Here's an example of it causing a website to crash: Which settings do I change to get it to stop doing this?
  15. SpongebobFan1994

    Nemo Won't Recognize USB

    I'm using the 5.0.5 version in Mint 20.2 on a Lenovo X200 Thinkpad laptop/tablet. Before, I thought it might've been a hardware issue, but then I realized it wasn't after I searched for some answers online and tried a few things to troubleshoot it. I'm wondering if I need to upgrade Nemo?
  16. SpongebobFan1994

    Linux Kernel Development

    While I'm not going to deny the achievements the Linux Foundation has made for Linux itself in the last several years (as there has been plenty of them), I will agree that it does have some guilt of being a corporate shill (and it has noted this criticism on occasion). To be fair, anyone...
  17. SpongebobFan1994

    Trying to Run Zorin Core 16.1 as a Virtual Machine in Gnome Blocks

    Because I've been using Mint for the last 10 years, I recently decided its time for a different change in pace. For my new distro, I want to try out Zorin, but every time I click on "create virtual machine from file", and then click on the iso, nothing happens.
  18. SpongebobFan1994

    How Do I Get My Mind Off of My Crush?

    I've developed a crush on my coworker a while back, and lately I'm starting to find myself getting into a bad habit where my thoughts about her are starting to affect my completion of chores around the house. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm obsessed with her, because I can stay focused on my...
  19. SpongebobFan1994

    Question About Selling Open-Source Games

    A while back, I was in the process of selling physical releases of games like 0 AD, but then I put it off because I got busy with working my day job. While I'm still interested in doing that, completing odd jobs for people, and getting other gigs set up, I'm wondering if I really need an LLC...
  20. SpongebobFan1994

    Putting an End to Ecommerce Sites and Payment Processing Companies

    For those of you who remember my other thread "Make the Web Great Again", I had mentioned a handful of corporations have been trying to monopolize the web for years now. One way they've been doing that is through ecommerce sites. Just to be clear, I don't have a problem with ecommerce in and of...