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    mp4 conversion to dcpomatic format

    Hello| I found a software on dcpomatic, but it's not clear how to install it. So my is: It's possible convert .mp4 file to dfpomatic format using ffmep? If yes which param I must use? Thanks!
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    SDDM blanck screen

    Hi! I'm try to install SDDM on my Slack 14.2 x86-60. I use the package downloaded form https://slackware.pkgs.org/14.2/alienbob-x86_64/sddm-20140508git-x86_64-1alien.txz.html then I check the dependicies whith no output therefore I change rc.4 file and reboot to obtain a blanck screen. So...
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    About login manager I've try slim, it's work correctly but when I logout sytem show some messages, for example nm-applet. This is not if I'm using xdm. I'm not like other login maneger like gdm, sddm ecc...hard to install for dependicies.
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    About .xsessions-errors

    So I write this post beacuse I'va a doubt! With Slack 14.2 system generate file .xsessions-errors, indipendent if I use Xfce ore other WD/DE. So my question is: can I ignored this files?
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    The choose

    HI! I write this post to show my questions? I'm looking for if it is a nice things to migrate from Firefox Quantum to Palemoon from Thunderbird to Claws-mail because Firefox and Thunderbird is not to much speed. On Internet some opinions are focused to Palemoon and Thunderbird. What do you...
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    Tethering with Asus Zenphone Max 2

    Hello friends! I write this post becaus I've some problems like object post. So I try to connect via USB my smartphone to my linuxbox (Slackware 14.2 x86-64 stable). I follow next steps: 1- Enable tethernig on my phone; 2- Connect it by usb; then nm-applet do a wired connection automaticcaly...