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    Myuzi (Spotify alternative) adds SponsorBlock functionality.

    Found this app called 'Myuzi' to listen to music. Sharing for max visibility as very nice. If you are a true audiphile, it might not suits your needs. myuzi
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    [Solved] Fans ramping following fresh install of Fedora 37

    I was using Fedora 36. No issues. Upgraded to Fedora 37 and screw the pouch (multiple issues). Moved to Ubuntu LTS for a little bit but had issues with Firefox snapd that I could not fix. did a fresh install of Fedora 37. Solved all the issues but one which is Fan ramping up when very little...
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    systemd-sysctl issue after Fedora 37 upgrade

    I have been running Fedora 36 since day one happily and without a glitch. Saw Fedora 37 poping up on my screen and decided why not.. I guess I should have thought twice before proceeding. I am suffering from the error below. Symptoms are also very sluggish laptop and no internet for the first...
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    Resume from Suspend gets black screen.

    Full AMD MSI Delta 15. Arco Linux Gnome/Wayland When resume from sleep, I get a black screen. This happens a few times and not every time. I do not know how to reproduce the issue. Logs below. I am unsure this is going to help. It's not happening all the time but enough time to get very...
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    {SOLVED} Issue screen blacking out with MPV ONLY !!

    I want to use MPV but cannot because the screen is being blacked out after 5 minutes. I have that set up in Power Management. I do not have that issue with VLC. Anyone has any workaround so MPV would behave as VLC ?
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    Gnome Control Center Crashing

    I have got a crash dump from Gnome Control Center Bluetooth. I tried to use gdb and bt (first time). If anyone knowleageable could take a look and let me know what is going on, that would be great .. https://pastebin.com/gKf1UDgG
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    Giving root access to app

    I am trying to give root access to radeon-profile binary. I have added "username ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/radeon-profile" to /etc/sudoers.d/file but to no avail. I avoided modifying the sudoers file. A lot of howtos suggest to use /etc/sudoers.d/file for custom configs. The binary...