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    Can't connect to an Arduino board

    Hello I have Ubuntu linux and I installed the Arduino IDE on the machine and tried to connect to my board but it couldn't connect. The output at the Arduino IDE was: avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/ttyUSB0": Permission denied I also tried adding my user to the dialout group of the...
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    Remote control a linux machine, via terminal

    Hey, I made two python programs, in two different computers, that uses sockets to communicate between the two computers. Then, I wanted to execute a terminal command at the client program and the command it self will be sent from the remote controller program, then the client will send the...
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    Virtual machine gateway ip doesn't match the host ip

    Hey there, I'm using Kali Linux on a virtual machine and I have a problem with the network. Overall, I have access to the internet in the guest virtual machine and everything seemed nominal but then I've tried to type route -n in the shell and the gateway ip that I saw was completely different...
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    Unable to install virtualbox guest additions

    Hello, I'm using Kali Linux and I'm pretty new to Linux, I'm having trouble installing the virtual-box guest additions, I wanna install this pack because I'm using the oracle vm virtualbox, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried the following commands in the terminal: apt-get update &&...