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    Fixing (or even undoing) Problematic Update Attempt

    So as some of you may know from another thread, I recently tried to deal with an issue of my Linux system intermittently freezing by running a large number of updates, and it didn't go well. While I did manage to retain some access, it's in a seriously diminished state (much worse than the...
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    How Upgrade Linux Mint for First Time in Years

    ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: I have carved the following off from an existing thread elsewhere, where it was getting too confusing. Wizard. Condobloke, So we meet again! You probably don't remember, but we have interacted before elsewhere in cyberspace. In fact, it just might even be you I referred...
  3. J

    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    Hello. First post here in the linux.org forum, but I've been using Linux (as in Linux Mint XFCE) for a few years now (previously I've asked my questions about it at another forum, but was told about this one and wanted to start asking in a forum actually dedicated to Linux). My question is...