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  1. arochester

    Do you know a website that has a lot of trackers?

    Using Neeva Search and Protect, I can see how many trackers are on a website. Currently, metro.co.uk shows 43 trackers and 22 domains. Can you beat this?
  2. arochester


    My absolute favourite is "Jazz Record Requests". It's on BBC3 at 4pm UK time on Sundays. Available to stream on "BBC Sounds", I'm not sure if that is available outside the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b006tnn9 I also enjoy "Linn Jazz". (There's also Linn Radio and Linn Classical.) A...
  3. arochester

    Mens' Shaving

    Have you ever walked down the street and thought: This guy shaves with a double edge razor Another man shaves with a 5-blade razor Shaving brush, aerosol can or gel? A different person must use a $20 electric razor But he must have a $200 electric razor No? Why not? Is it so hard to tell...
  4. arochester

    Anyone like classical music?