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  1. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee Veracrypt: making sure i can re-open older files.

    Wanna make sure i can de-crypt veracrypt files ...in the distant future, for example crypto codes etc. As a newbee i guarantee you there's often bad surprises. Things working in one distro but not another, in one pc & not another, Kernels specific things & stuff that flies over a newbee's head...
  2. Lx_pollywog

    External hard drive not connecting since added tiny-server to ethernet switch box

    Hi all, good summer & thanks 4 reading Main internet cable connects to multi port ether SWITCH (netgear) Pc_1: Connected to web via SWITCH. Os = Debian based 'Bunsenlabs'. Used as a host for kvm virtual machines. Pc_2: Connected to web via SWITCH. Os = Debian Buster [fanless Levono m90]...
  3. Lx_pollywog

    Microsoft usb-flash unto a linux kvm machine?

    Hello linux friends I am setting up a kvm virtualisation pc. Need a Windows system for some programs. I know i can upload an iso from microsoft then into a kvm. Add a licence number. Question is can i load a windows_os from a microsoft usb-flash unto a linux kvm machine. Thanks
  4. Lx_pollywog

    Please help me verify Fedora signatures

    Easy for a regular difficult for a newbee... Not sure how to write info in lines: $ gpg --verify-files *-CHECKSUM Or if i have to point to specific Download folder? The Fedora iso is in Downloads folder
  5. Lx_pollywog

    Onion site: php vs python

    Can Onion site be in python or better/safe in php standard? Same-same? Thanx
  6. Lx_pollywog

    Trying to move files from gnomeBoxes virtual machine to usb or host using ssh

    Host = Bunsenlabs [debian] gnomeBoxes.= mxLinux [debian], linuxLite [ubuntu] Both vm's similar error messages. 1- If usb option turned on in Boxes it will show usb content but is not acessible & window closes as soon as any action taken. ADD-IN: Noticed i can open images, i get viideo thumbs...
  7. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee gnomeBoxes obsolete login

    Newbee experiment virtual machines -----------------------------------. Host:***mint-debian*** App:gnomeBoxes vm:'linuxLite os' 1)Login screen to 'linuxLite os' virtual machine gone obsolete,flashes back to login. Seems to happen when vm space capacity crucial. 2)Later found same login problem...
  8. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee virtualization set-up. What do you think ?

    I wish my start screen was a simple os options panel like 'virt-manager' where i choose my activity. Is there such a thing as a ready made Linux Os or set-up specially conceived for virtualization similar to this description : My set-up plan : 1-One base stripped-down OS only used for...
  9. Lx_pollywog

    Minimal set-up 4 watching youtube on remote server \ ip container ?

    Experiment. What would be the minimal set up for use of a vlc player to watch youtube urls on a remote server be? A remote access viewing tool like noMachine with a minimal linuxOs for web browser? Something else?
  10. Lx_pollywog

    Alpine Linux QEMU need root to install ?

    Newbee trying different distros on qemu gnome-Boxes using Mint os. Have tried a dozen operating systems and so far Alpine Linux is the only one that requires my Root Password for install. Why ?