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  1. DikWipe69

    How do I get past this screen?

    I was trying to download Minecraft on Manjaro and I was downloading something in the add/remove Futures thing and it wouldn’t work so I deleted some stuff in the AUR tab. Immediately everything got screwed up so I restarted my computer and I got met with this screen. I know my password but I...
  2. DikWipe69

    Black screen when installing Manjaro

    I downloaded Ubuntu and I didn't enjoy it so I tried to run Manjaro instead but after I get past the first part where I set my time zone and stuff I get a black screen with a white line on the top left of the screen. How can I fix this, keep in mind im a noob at linux...
  3. DikWipe69

    AutoDesk Revit, Affinity Photo, Elgato... Cant use em!

    This is a message more or less for the developers but I really want to run Linux on a new computer I'm building however I realize I cant use Revit, Affinity, and Elgato among others on Linux which really sucks ass. I was just wondering if y'all are making strides to incorporate more programs...