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    SE-Linux setup failure

    Hello guys! I am using Debian GNU/Linux 11. Even though Linux is already a very secure OS, I need today a higher security level again. I am trying to setup SE-Linux, following the steps described in this article: https://wiki.debian.org/SELinux/Setup Everything runs fine, until I try to reboot...
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    Framebuffer graphics: scaling and colors problems

    Hey guys! I'm still having fun with the prehistoric laptop I got from my grandmother. I'm now having problems with framebuffer graphics. In order to use the framebuffer to display complex shapes, images, etc. I followed this tutorial...
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    Linux Mint laptop: screen remaining off/black

    Hello, I am using Linux Mint on my HP laptop. I have a screen problem: When I turned on my laptop this morning as usual, the screen was very very dimmed (I think 1.5 to 2.5% of the usual brightness). After a hard shutdown (I forgot the battery is dead ), I turned it back on to see the screen...
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    Convert a "smart"phone to Linux

    Hello, I has the project to get a "real" Linux phone (not an altered Linux like Android), both to support Open Source development and because I'm a Linux fan. After some research on the web, I discovered Manjaro with Plasma Mobile. I also found phones shipped with this OS, but I am not in...
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    Linux vs solar weather

    Hi ! I am both a Linux and astrophysics enthusiast. Thus I asked myself a question. Do you know what a solar storm is? It's an emission of very fast particles (protons, neutrons, electrons and ions) and energetic waves (UV, maybe even X-rays) from the Sun. Minor eruptions occurs every cycle...
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    Disallow an app to run on WSL

    Hello, How can I disallow a Linux app from running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux ? (I want it to work only with plain Linux installations)