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  1. Oroshi

    Virtual Router advice.

    Hi folk, I am still working on extension and it nearly finish thank God for that lol. We have left virgin media, because it too expensive and always having problem. So I grab mobile broadband with 12 months contract. The MiFi device only limited 10 connection. In this house hold for more...
  2. Oroshi

    New Laptop

    Hello folks, I am aware of some linux may not well function with some of laptop. I am currently core duo with 6GB RAM acer aspire laptop, the battery kept go flat because of old laptop. I had a macbook but gave it to my daughter as I have washed my hand from apple product. I had i7 Sony...
  3. Oroshi

    Hello from UK

    My friend (f33dm3bits) had recommended me to join here. I have been use on other forums and it had gone dead quiet. Anyways, about myself, I am from UK, and proud to be Linux user. I have several experience on various operator system of windows (yuck). Mac (OK) and Linux (Love it). I am...