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  1. BigBadBeef

    Protontricks gui - error installing component

    I am trying to install the ms media foundation using the Protontricks gui, and I get this error message. What does it mean?
  2. BigBadBeef

    Gpu market gone to the crapper?

    I started, once again, actively tracking advances in pc hardware about a year ago, when my pc started showing signs of no longer being up to the task for my needs. I am appaled on how low things have fallen. Graphics cards are overpriced, oversized, unreliable, and cable-busting hungry. My old...
  3. BigBadBeef

    Running a .exe in Lutris claims missing folder... it is not!

    I'm trying to run an old, OLD game in Lutris. When I port the .exe to Lutris' UI and then launch it, it says there is a folder named "Archives" missing. it is not. I already confirmed it is running properly on windows. What is curious that months ago, it was running completely normally, until...
  4. BigBadBeef

    Concerning those who buy overpriced hardware and demand that we "mind our own business" when we try to scold them...

    "I will buy whatever the hell I want, when I want, the rest of you penniless peasants should mind your own business because it doesn't concern you! :mad:" This type of response to people being confronted with buying hardware that the general public has consensus of being "bullshit levels of...
  5. BigBadBeef

    Lets Talk ARC

    Intel's ARC is out now. Its benchmarks show an impressive amount of performance under the Vulcan API. The implications are very clear. Once the driver issues are settled, it has the potential to become a powerful Linux Proton gaming card. Depending on how well the drivers would be implemented...
  6. BigBadBeef

    Data... not recovery but rather "retrieval"

    My question pertains to the following topic I posted: https://www.linux.org/threads/how-windows-10-on-one-of-my-hdds-trashed-itself-after-just-a-couple-of-months.42333/ The HDD is a mess of fumbled repair attempts and unfinished half-rolled back windows updates. I have recovered most of the...
  7. BigBadBeef

    How windows 10 on one of my HDD's trashed ITSELF after just a couple of months

    I got 3 hard drives: - M.2 prototype from 2015 with a 128GB capacity, - Western Digital Black edition 2TB hard drive from 2014, - 512GB SSD from 2020. The M.2 contains pop!_os and utilizes the SSD for extended storage, while the 2TB HDD Contains windows. Barring the details aside, lets just say...
  8. BigBadBeef

    Has my (what used to be top of the line) PC really gotten THAT old?

    The most recent news on the latest hardware market on the enthusiast level is quite depressing - horrible pricing, abysmal power efficiency, coolers so big that it looks downright disgusting, and you need to spend as much for aftermarket cooling as you did for the hardware itself. This is a...
  9. BigBadBeef

    Stellaris - Turn off vsync

    I need to disable vsync on stellaris on linux. On windows you do it simply by opening settings.ini on your documents folder, but on linux its not there. So how do you do it on Linux?
  10. BigBadBeef

    Lost Vivaldi Browser After updating PoP!_OS (22.04)

    I've lost the vivaldi browser after updating to 22.04. Where did it go? I need to recover it's passwords and bookmarks, where are they usually located? P.S.: Discord is also gone. What the hell is going on with this version?
  11. BigBadBeef

    Adding windows 10 to systemd-boot

    I've been trying to add windows 10 to systemd-boot manager, but things aren't going quite according to plan. I used Which opens an empty config file, Then I tried using gparted to mount the windows EFI partition to see if I can copy the files manually, but gparted won't let me do that. How...
  12. BigBadBeef

    PoP!_os and Win10 dual boot success... well sort of... not really! But it works! Sort of... LOL!

    After Months of flapping my gums I finally did it. I have two operating systems on two sepparate hard drives. Both boot fine. Except the problem is that they both treat each other like the stinker at the party and downright refuse to acknowledge each other's existence. According to the...
  13. BigBadBeef

    Protontricks Troublemaker

    After Attempting to install dotnet 48 into a proton prefix, it does this: After Which it hangs of crashes. It also keeps warning me that that the proton prefix is 64-bit and most add-ons I install are 32 bit and might not work properly. How could I proceed from here?
  14. BigBadBeef

    Getting rid of a wine prefix on PoP!_os

    I won't dilly dally too much with the details, I just want to inquire about the terminal command to remove a wine prefix that I made with custom parameters to the path of where said game is installed. I did in the past to get more stable performance, but now compatibility is vastly improved and...
  15. BigBadBeef

    I'm back after a month & libglib2.0 causes issues again...

    This is the second time I wasn't able to sleep off an update since it aborted due to THE SAME dependency issue. was needed, but why doesn't it do... something automatically since it is required for an update to be performed? *facepalm*
  16. BigBadBeef

    nVidia Drivers - Two of them?

    There are two nVidia drivers available to install. Before I make a mess of things, could someone clarify why is there an option and which one to choose?
  17. BigBadBeef

    The Ctrl+Alt+Del of Linux?

    I do a lot of tinkering. For whatever application that does not have a linux alternative, I try to get it running on Linux. And that means crashes and freezes. Crashes in and of itself do nothing, but the freezes lock the system up completely. Is there an option to "murder" the hung process on...
  18. BigBadBeef

    Getting SPACE ENGINEERS working on Linux.

    There is a guide available for getting Space Engineers working on Linux. The guide goes as follows: Reverting to proton 5.0 for the initial installation. Run "protontricks 244850 --force dotnet48" Apply this patch: https://github.com/Linux74656/SpaceEngineersLinuxPatches Switch back to proton...
  19. BigBadBeef

    Making a WORKING Windows 10 Install USB stick... IN LINUX?

    Right, so, I got the most recent version of POP!_OS. I am trying to get a USB stick with a windows 10 installation going, but I've been banging my head against a wall for two days now. Balena Ether is currently unsupported by this version of pop!_os, USB Flasher doesn't support making a bootable...
  20. BigBadBeef

    Dual Boot potatoes

    I've finally gotten my fat, lazy ass to dual boot windows 10 with POP!_OS already being installed. It is, however, not going quite the way I planned. I used USBImager to get the windows ISO loaded into a flash drive, now its refusing to recognize it. Poking around in my bios has only gotten me...