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  1. davidd

    GParted wont let me format my usb to FAT32

    Summary I deleted my linux mint OS from my other lap top by accident and now I am trying to make a bootable USB for the lint mint iso. However when I open Gparted and try to format the USB to fat32 it wont even give me the option of clicking on FAT32. Im a newbie at linux and stuff so could...
  2. davidd

    How do I recover a ip address from a URL?

    I am doing some information gathering for this URL https://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/ and I want to know how I can obtain an ip address for this url. actually found the host ip myself using dmitry -w www.csc-scc.gc.ca ip: Thanks
  3. davidd

    Trouble Shooting LaCie Rugged USB-C External Hard Drive on LINUX **Help

    I just purchased a LaCie Rugged USB-C External Hard Drive and when I plug it into my lap top the device is not appearing on my desktop on their technical support website they only list Windows and Macintosh OS. Have I purchased a hard drive that is not compatible with linux? if not what can I do...
  4. davidd

    Newbie at Linux Command Line

    Hey guys so i've just begun my Journey with Linux and I've begun to learn the command line i'm still crawling and walking a little when it comes to the terminal. I've learned commands that are basic like whoami, pwd, cd, mkdir, rm, ls, apt-get install, touch, nano filename, top. htop, kill...
  5. davidd

    What is the best FIle Sharing App for Linux?

    I want to know what is the best file sharing application for linux?
  6. davidd

    WICD Networking Problem

    Hi I am a newbie to linux and I was given an acer aspire 5000 lap top with debian linux installed. When I open the wicd networking program it is not showing me any wireless networks. So I did my newbie research to try to figure it out and ran the command iwconfig and the output said there are...