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  1. Trenix25

    Now it's really screwed up

    I installed a ton of packages so I could play audio files from the system console. It still doesn't play them. It says it can't find a valid sound driver, even over 2 GB later. Now something is mounting /tmp as rw when /etc/fstab says it should be ro. Whatever it is is keeping /tmp "busy" so...
  2. Trenix25

    I need help setting up grub

    I need some step by step advice to get grub set up the correct way. 1) I need to install grub on /dev/sda so it only boots Windows, /dev/sda2, regardless of whatever other devices may or may not be connected. I cannot use fdisk.exe /mbr because I don't have it and can't get it. Windows is...
  3. Trenix25

    Which packages should I actually install?

    If I see /usr/bin/whiptail just one more time I may have to smash that laptop with a brick and throw the shattered remains off of the tallest cliff I can find! I told apt to answer yes to every question. There are over fifty seven thousand packages that demand to be installed in order to...
  4. Trenix25

    What is the correct way to replace inittab using systemd?

    I am using the current version of Debian Linux. I installed with the netinst CD. I still can't get the network working so I can't finish the installation process. It looks like /etc/inittab is being phased out of Linux and is being replaced with systemd. What is the correct way to set all of...
  5. Trenix25

    How can I set the number of lines and columns?

    When I boot up, Linux gives me 53 lines and 180 columns on the screen in text mode. How can I change this so it gives me 25 lines instead? I should have around 90 columns or so after doing so. The letters are really small. I need them to be bigger and easier to see.
  6. Trenix25

    Will an external drive work with SCSI?

    I have a laptop PC with a SCSI drive controller. I need to buy and use an external SSD connected with USB. I cannot find any external SSDs that say they are SCSI devices. Since the external drive will be connected with USB will this matter? I am currently fighting with a Western Digital hard...
  7. Trenix25

    Questions and issues

    I downloaded a C compiler for my tablet from the Play Store called C4droid. It cost $3. It locally compiles and runs a C program. The set up of an Android system is a problem though. I feel like I'm living in a tiny little box and every time I try to move to do anything I bump in to a wall...
  8. Trenix25

    Can cc or gcc produce an APK output file?

    What exactly is an APK file? Is it an acronym? Can I write C source code, perhaps including inline assembly, and then have cc or gcc produce an APK output file so I can transfer it to my Android tablet and run the newly written app on my tablet? I have both an ftp server and client on my...
  9. Trenix25

    Is it safe to root my Android tablet?

    I hope this is the correct place to put this. I couldn't find a topic dedicated to Android tablets. I am using an ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 running Android Lollipop 5.0 with a device designation P01M. I have just downloaded the KingRoot 5.2.2 APK file. I have scanned it and Avast says it's free of...
  10. Trenix25

    So many choices, how do I decide?

    I used to use Slackware Linux kernel 1.2.13 with gcc 2.7.0 years ago. I know things have changed over the years. I'm am using an Android tablet running Lollipop 5.0. I found entries for 25 different kinds of Linux on this website. What makes each of them different? What are their pros and cons...