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    I can not list files in foxclone iso

    I want to make a grub bootable foxclone script. I need to see where the vmlinuz and initrd fyles reside. I am so far unable to extract or list the files in the iso. I am using foxcloneedge_50-07.iso and I have it stored in a seperate partition. The iso shows to be 870mb. Here is my script...
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    Clonezilla clone slows system to a crawl

    I cloned my OS to a larger (300gig) drive using Clonezilla. Now when I start it the splash screen takes a good 2 minutes to complete. Then when its running I am trying to do a backup with back-in-time. First I wanted to wipe my backup drive and gparted is running at a crawl. Also, I can not get...
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    Do I need to extract iso files for a grub boot

    I have booted a few different distros from hard drive with grub. But now I have downloaded Ubuntu 22.10 and when I searched for the vmlinuz and initrd files (which are in 'casper') I find that all directories show 0 bytes until I extract them and THEN I am able to locate the files. I did not...
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    Is this the best backup plan?

    Ubuntu 20.04. I do regular backups with Backintime, saving /Home. I also do periodic backups of the system (minus /Home and all the other undesirables) using Timeshift. I think I should also include a backup of /root using the root version of Backintime. Is this correct? Will these three backups...
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    Backintime on 22.04

    Has anyone gotten Backintime to work on 22.04 (Jammy)? Word on the street is that Python3 is the problem.