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  1. Rugbyears

    Open ports

    As a complete novice I'm currently using the 'ss' command to manually look for open ports on my system. I feel its important to manually do this whilst I'm learning how Linux works. As my experience and knowledge with this platform improves I will create specific scripts to complete tasks, but...
  2. Rugbyears

    Better late than never!

    Firstly a huge thank you to all of you who have offered a very warm welcome to the form! I'll be honest from the start, I AM A LINUX NOVICE, there's just no escaping the fact that my experience of using Linux is very limited, although I do have some which goes back over 15 years. Why now after...
  3. Rugbyears

    Kali install in a virtual machine on W10

    After successfully installing Kali in a virtual machine on Windows 10, I appear to be running in to some basic issues which I really should understand by now. Firstly when attempting to ' locate proxychains ' it returns the following message: /var/lib/plocate.db: No such file or directory. If...