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  1. wolste99

    New here (about a week ago)

    I just realized that I had never posted an introduction. My apologies. I'm Steven, from Kansas. I'm an NC Programmer at an aircraft company. I've always loved computers and tech. I am pretty much brand new to Linux and am fired up to learn everything about it. On top of that, I enjoy tinkering...
  2. wolste99

    Can't get Pycharm installed (Getting a .exe and not a tar.gz file)

    I'm trying to install Pycharm onto my R Pi 400. I go to the download page but when it downloads I just get the exe and not the tar.gz file. Can anyone tell me why?? Maybe this is an issue when downloading other files too and someone could help? Thanks.
  3. wolste99

    Multiple OSs for the Raspberry Pi 400?

    Hello. I have a RPi 400 and wondered if it's possible to try out different OSs on it? It has the Raspberry OS, obviously, but I'd like to play around with different ones. If so, what's the best way to go about trying it? How would I set it up? Is it a matter of just downloading them? Sorry to...
  4. wolste99

    New to Linux and need install direction

    Hello, all I am new and this is my first post. I'm glad to be here! I have been playing around, and reading/learning about, Linux the past several weeks. (I have a Raspberry Pi 400 I've been checking out and I have a small Lenovo laptop with Ubuntu). I have an ASUS 17" gaming laptop and I...