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    Hi everyone

    As I said I work in industrial automation, and I wanted to try ROS (Robot Operating System), a framework designed for robot control. So I went on the web site, then clicked on Get ROS thinking I would just need to download a .exe, but finally I reached a page with lines such as: ... sudo apt...
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    MAN Pages & Useful Information

    Thanks for this tutorial. I'd like to add this simple explanation about how to access different sections of the manual. For a long time I wondered what meant the (number) next to a command name in the SEE ALSO section of a manual page; for instance dconf(7). Well, this number refers to the...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone, Working in the industrial automation field, I became more and more curious about how computers work. So I decided to install a transparent operating system - Linux - first to understand how it's made, and then learn some basic programming. As a beginner I found it very...