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    Problem with MySQL after power outage...

    I got my server (Dell PowerEdge R730) loaded with the latest version of Kubuntu and MySQL 8 something and spent 2 days restoring my DB of 36 million stock market trades. Everything was working and while replacing a power outlet with the breaker off, the battery backup didn't last more than 15...
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    Why is installing MySQL so hard now?

    Update... CentOS Stream 9 crashed after partitioning, Debian 11.2 installed but failed to erase the SUSE boot files so it couldn't boot, Kubuntu installed and is running updates right now. We'll see if I can get MySQL loaded on it. My backup plan is to go back to SUSE and make it work. Not...
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    Install Ubuntu on R710 Server blade

    I found rufus-3.17 very useful. On my Dell PowerEdge R730 there was no boot option to usb in the bios, but F11 on boot options allows for a one time boot to a device in a list and the usb shows up there.
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    Why is installing MySQL so hard now?

    Since this is a fresh install I thought I'd try Fedora 35 instead. The Server is a Dell PowerEdge R730 with 3 240gb SSD drives and a lot of memory. I went thru the bios and set up the raid controller virtual drives - initially I set a single drive to raid0 (which I didn't think was possible) and...
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    Why is installing MySQL so hard now?

    I downloaded the latest version of SUSE Tumbleweed for my new server, and it installed fine but no MySQL. I looked for it in Yast2, but only found MySQL Workbench which installed fine but can't do anything with it. The MySQL core is missing and the service is not running. I downloaded the RPMs...