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  1. NightsLast

    Nmap 7.50 Released

    7.60 released about a month and a half later... added ssh and more scripts.. this is the headline for the release notes: Nmap 7.60 released! SSH support, SMB2/SMB3 improvements, 14 more scripts, new Npcap, GSoC work, and more... read more if you want to know more...
  2. NightsLast

    Parrot OS

    I have a copy of Kali on an HP Mini around here some place(i think its in the bedroom somewhere(hasn't been charged in about 8 months))... it use to come in handy but I haven't really even wanted to use it in months... But I can say the hp mini's and Kali and/or Parrot are good for mobile pen...
  3. NightsLast

    A Windows user new to Linux

    you can have more than 1 desktop environment on a system... just because there is a default environment installed doesn't mean there can't be 3 or 4 others installed also... and usually at login you can select which you want to use...install them all and play around with them and decide what you...
  4. NightsLast

    Parrot OS

    just because its main purpose is pen testing doesn't mean it won't do everything else Linux can do... when it comes down to it ... any and every distro is just a starting point for the creation of the work environment you want with your computer.
  5. NightsLast

    What Is Linux

    I just needed to share this pic I saw years ago...
  6. NightsLast

    I need help, Badly

    do you get anything that gives you any errors? is the vnc server/client being allowed thru the firewall? is there a way to test if it can be connected to from the servers localhost? or does it just not run? can you give any more info on why you can't set it up correctly?
  7. NightsLast

    Parrot OS

    I use it as my main desktop distro
  8. NightsLast

    A Windows user new to Linux

    When I was new to Linux I did a lot of disto hopping until I found the one I liked, everyone has different preferences as to what they want. When I was new to Linux I went thru like 15 different distributions and found 2 that I liked... as of right now ... they are not free anymore but they do...
  9. NightsLast

    What got you into Linux?

    could try making the massive file smaller by breaking it into multi-files before processing, is all lines in the file needed or only specific lines? maybe a script that loads X number of lines at a time... or maybe try setrlimit ?
  10. NightsLast

    What got you into Linux?

    that describes it a lot better...
  11. NightsLast

    What got you into Linux?

    basically its memory being written to a file...
  12. NightsLast

    In Linux, Everything is a File

    or try if your looking for something not in that list...
  13. NightsLast

    In Linux, Everything is a File

    So every thing is a file including the hard drive that holds the files, the keyboard, mouse, CPU, etc ..... hardware and software is a file.... so basically Linux is a BIG config file.... edit it as you wish!( just know what your doing first please )
  14. NightsLast

    Day to Day with Linux

    other than an advertisement.... what is it and what distro of Linux does it run? Edited part.... ARM mbed OS is a platform operating system designed for the internet of things... so basically its a phone charging 2 way radio that doesn't give you service in areas you bought it for unless someone...
  15. NightsLast

    Poll: Favorite Text Editor

    would a redirected cat output be an editor also?
  16. NightsLast

    What applications in Kali are you using most often?

    when I used Kali the apps I used the most were the same ones I use now with parrot, Terminal and Firefox. Unless I don't have an internet connection...then wifite, aircrack-ng and reaver (I didn't say that!)
  17. NightsLast

    I waited a while to post this, but.....

    I like how things go from 2014 to 2017... its kind of funny to me... the user probably posted a picture that had the geo-location info in it and got an almost completely accurate street location for the user. Its a cyber stalker skill that is all to easy for anyone to do, and with social media...
  18. NightsLast

    What got you into Linux?

    I started with Linux because of a shell account on Freebsd that I got with a dial-up ISP, I used it and was loving it...then I was kicked off my ISP for "suspicious activities", who knew (insert innocent shrug) that I wasn't suppose to cause core dumps for fun, the strings command and core dumps...
  19. NightsLast

    Learning Kali

    to answer the question asked... How do I learn Kali Linux? Answer: the same way you learn any and every other distro! to answer the implied question of how do I learn to hack/crack? Answer: RTFM and then read it again and again until you truely understand it. If you can not figure out how to...
  20. NightsLast

    I've been using linux on/off since RH4.2 Favorite distros include but not limited to SuSE, Kali...

    I've been using linux on/off since RH4.2 Favorite distros include but not limited to SuSE, Kali, parrot, Mandrake and tails to name a few.