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    What the heck is ${RA[2]} in this context?

    RA is an array. ${RA[2]} is the third element of this array. Run this example: #!/bin/bash ME="aaa" RA=( bbb ccc ddd ) for person in $ME $3 Pat ${RA[2]} Sue; do echo $person done
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    [Solved] Redirect BT hci (/dev/ttyS1) to usb (/dev/ttyGS0)

    I found solution: sudo socat -d -d -x /dev/ttyGS0,raw,echo=0,b115200 /dev/ttyS1,raw,echo=0,b115200
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    [Solved] Redirect BT hci (/dev/ttyS1) to usb (/dev/ttyGS0)

    Hello. How to redirect the HCI interface from Bluetooth to USB (I use usb_gadget)? I have an SBC on which there is a Bluetooth module (available as /dev/ttyS1). I would like to be able to control it (using the HCI interface) from another device via the USB of this SBC. I need to redirect...
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    Encrypt and decrypt with openssl

    Try to use password without character '$'. I think, that bash interpreted this as variable "$wmd" (or something like that).
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    SIOCADDRT Operation not permitted

    Ask a question, maybe I can help.
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    SIOCADDRT Operation not permitted

    Hello. You have two commands: First: sudo ifconfig wlan0mon up netmask Second: route add -net netmask gw You need to add 'sudo' to second command. So, you need to executed: sudo route add -net netmask