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  1. iceja

    debootstrap --variant=buildd couln't find build-essential

    I am preparing chroot sudo debootstrap --verbose --include=apt --cache-dir=/var/cache/pbuilder/alse47-arm64/aptcache --variant=buildd --no-check-gpg --components=main,contrib,non -free,arm64 4.7_arm /home/user/PROSTOR/pkg-csp/builplace...
  2. iceja

    How to create pbuilder image ? g++ not found

    I am trying to create pbuilder image under the host system Astra Linux SE 4.7 with two standard repositories main and base here is the log: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/iva-nova-e-katerina/38c7588e60ef1e26babfe775665f9bcb/raw/dbbd51778627b20fa51fecf701904088703b3a1a/log11.log here is the...