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  1. JPresario

    LFCS – User Account Management

    Thank you, this helped me a lot. I'm the only user on my system but I'm trying to set up root, admin, and user(me) with the different levels of access and to keep custom setting for desktop, theme, and such across all 3 accounts. It's a little difficult to set a program or settings when i log...
  2. JPresario

    *NEWBIE* HELP I need help to reconfigure FSTAB file. $ nano /etc/fstab *NEWBIE*

    Hi, I'm "Re-New" to Linux recently so I'm an "Old School Newbie" lol and I'm making a handful of CRITICAL mistakes including corrupting my fstab conf file !! I was able to reboot recovery from my live ISO and got the file configured enough to keep booting my system but my drive won't auto mount...