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    ubuntu backup to NAS fails "not enough space" (Samba)

    Hi all, I have a 4tb ubutnu samba share on my home server (for clarity, its running Ubuntu desktop distro) that I want to back up to my ubuntu workstation machine to (separate computer entirely). The server is running its OS on a 250gb drive (nearly full) with the 4tb drive mounted to a folder...
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    Program permission clarification

    Hi! I know it was a long time ago but thank you for the response! I havent tried remaking the minecraft user, but you're right i did use useradd (which in guessing is the general linux command) instead of adduser (which im guessing is the ubuntu specific command?). Great to know theres a...
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    Program permission clarification

    Hi all, recently ive been using ngrok (a tunneling program) to expose my local ubuntu 20.04 minecraft server. For security purposes I decided to create a dedicated non-sudo user to run the minecraft and ngrok process. the problem though is when i try to launch ngrok i get this message...