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    Sets of Wheels

    it is amazing that am not the only person whose favorite set of wheels are the two set of wheels. since i was a young boy i always loved motorbikes and bikes. And since i was not able to buy one for myself, i used to go to the guy who used to rent out his motorbikes and bikes. In 2016, i bought...
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    Mint Classes

    I love this. Well articulated. I rate this at 100%. Thanks for this Pal. And good luck @Music
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    Great Read For New Linuxers

    Thanks a lot @70 Tango Charlie. There are a good number of great resources as well.
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    Mint Classes

    Hi there. there are useful online classes that you can take from different online teaching platforms such as Udemy, coursera,edx etc. There are also thousands of youtube tutorials that you can go through. You can also join as many Linux communities as you can and post any relevant questions...
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    Distrochooser; pick you distro.

    Hi everyone! when i saw this message, it just wowed me. i was actually amazed not because of the distrochooser itself but the fact that, i was working on something similar. not necessarily a software but an article. i wanna write an article to at least try to help new users to get some ideas...
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    Parasitic computer industry

    you have a good intention, but With all due respect, you need to understand some basic computer concepts. you first of all need to understand that the idea of having a computer is to communicate to outside world. Information technology is all about transferring of information from one person...
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    Does Linux use System Restore Disks?

    More than 95% of the organizations and companies using linux, they run it on a virtual machine with no GUI. so it will be you against your black screen and that's where you perform your daily tasks. so if you are using your linux in the corporate environment, maybe lets say you are system...
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    Lenovo to sell Laptops with Fedora pre-installed

    Linux being the most reliable OS in the market at the moment, many people are transitioning from WIndows and MacOS and the companies have realized that so we should not be surprised @dos2unix
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    Should i move to linux and if so which one

    Should i move to linux and if so which one Hi Olden! i hope you are doing great. Welcome to the most active linux community in the world. i hope we both joined at the right time. "better late than never". i have also joined 2 to 3 days ago. so please welcome. Back to the question. This is...
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    Linux Maintenance

    Hi JJconstr! "Maintenance to me is removing temp files, unnecessary files, defrag, check disk, everything windows has gotten me used to doing." you are right jj. whatever you mentioned is part of the maintenance and many more. Nevertherless Linux also offers us same opportunities to clean up...
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    Linux Maintenance

    Hi JJconstr! i hope you are doing great. Well, first of all, what is maintenance to you, how do you maintain your Windows 7 computer? Here is my recommendation to you, you said, it's your first time using Linux, well at some point , we were all beginners and we are still learning from each...