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    Issues with Arduino IDE

    I started fooling around with some arduino stuff last year. I installed the arduino IDE package from the Debian repositories, and it pretty much just worked, for the most part. Recently I acquired some ESP32 boards that I'd like to play with, and the first thing they tell you to do (in...
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    What are you using your single-boards for?

    I saw mention in there of getting Slackware on a pi? I'd appreciate it if you guys could post some specifics as to just how you go about doing that...
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    Debian login issues

    I have a workstation here that started out as version 8, been upgraded continually as new versions of packages come out. This one does not list "root" as a possible user when logging in, although I can hit the "not listed" option and get to it that way. I also have a laptop which was...