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    Partitioning Funtoo

    Yes I have tried. But the problem is not the tool , problem is to "how". As gparted also parted doesn't let you create new partition or split it if there is no other free space for partitioning in the system.
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    Partitioning Funtoo

    So I have sda1(boot), sda2(swap), sda3(root), and no other free space. I want to have sda1, sda2, sda3(root), sda4(some space), how can I split my sda3 (to have sda3 and sda4) without losing data ?
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    there are no ebuilds to satisfy

    Hi guys. Using funtoo(gentoo like system) and messed up my /etc/portage (I guess) when I am emerging something(media-gfx/darktable) , it shows me this message. ``` emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "dev-lang/python:3.5". (dependency required by...