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  1. MikeWalsh

    Old Ubuntu Distros

    @VanillaCoffee :- Whilst I can appreciate where you're coming from - I've not long since had to finally let a P4-powered 2002 Dell laptop go! - I wonder if you're aware of just how long 64-bit tech (hardware, Oss, software), etc, has been around? 64-bit tech burst onto the scene, in the shape...
  2. MikeWalsh

    How To Check Printer Ink Levels In Linux Mint.

    Oh, yes. That works nicely. SO nicely, in fact, that I've thrown together a wee ROX-app (ROX-filer's native, built-in 'portable' application format) for it. Like so:- I know some of our Puppy members will be interested in this.....and both 64- AND 32-bit varants work very sweetly, across a...
  3. MikeWalsh

    How To Check Printer Ink Levels In Linux Mint.

    Hm. Interesting info. Epson actually provide a Qt4-powered GUI printer utility that works (at least with older USB-only models). It's A-OK with my old Epson Stylus SX-218 early fore-runner to the enterprise-class WorkForce models. It probably wouldn't work for newer...
  4. MikeWalsh

    Sick of Microsoft!!!

    @STaylor :- VERY "late to the party", here... :oops: There's also QCad, which was, so I believe, forked off from LibreCad a few years ago. Layout & operation is almost identical; I believe the amicable 'split' was more over philosophical differences of opinion than disagreements over anything...
  5. MikeWalsh

    Web Browser

    Well; let's see now.... I currently run, and use them all at various times:- Chrome Ungoogled Chromium SRWare's Iron browser Opera Brave Slimjet Edge 4 Linux Vivaldi Firefox (Quantum and ESR) LibreWolf Pale Moon Basilisk SeaMonkey I package all the above into 'portable' format for the...
  6. MikeWalsh

    I Need Help Modifying Source Code of Open-Source Dating Site

    O-kay. Hmm.... ....weird!! Yup, weird indeed.....but t'internet encourages this kinda thing, of course! :p :D After 30 years of messing around online, I've seen some VERY strange stuff indeed... Mike.
  7. MikeWalsh

    Where are the menu bars on other browsers

    Not being funny, but why on earth would anyone want to disfigure any browser by forcibly adding a "feature" it was never designed to have......just because you can't "live without it" in some other browser? I get that it's all down to personal preference, but for myself, disabling the Menu bar...
  8. MikeWalsh

    Favorite apps you install right after the operating system or can't live without on Linux.

    Hm. I'm summat of a "hoarder" when it comes to software. I re-package/create packages of so much stuff for the Puppy community.....but if I was to set-up a minimal Puppy system, it would probably go something like this:- SRWare's Iron browser (for NetFlix!) + Pale Moon for general browsing...
  9. MikeWalsh

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    @VanillaCoffee :- Sorry; I kinda lost track of where this was getting to. Had the decorators in fixing a water-damage insurance claim the last few days, so I haven't been paying attention like I normally would. I just wanted to add that I, personally, haven't bothered with ANY of the multitude...
  10. MikeWalsh

    Anybody else ever tried Haiku OS?

    @sphen :- That's exactly how it was for me with r1_beta_1, and then again with r1_beta_3. r1_beta_2 seemed to have been something of a "blip" for my hardware.....that is, until the current r1_beta_4, which is now fully-functional, I'm pleased to say. The only flies in the ointment for me are...
  11. MikeWalsh

    Anybody else ever tried Haiku OS?

    The subject (and question) is in the title. For those not "in the know", Haiku OS is a modern re-imagining of the revolutionary BeOS from the early 90s:- I've been 'watching' this thing for at least 7 or 8 years. It started development in the early...
  12. MikeWalsh

    Linux for older windows smartphones

    Crikey. I haven't seen a 3310 for, like, 20 years? Of course, the battery packs for these are still commonly available.....the BL-5C, I believe. Kudos for still keeping one going! I know nothing about smartphones - don't possess one, myself - but from what little I know about it, re-purposing a...
  13. MikeWalsh

    Ever dreamed of a 30TB hard drive?

    Yeah, okay.......but that's hardly home-user territory yet, now is it? Until it does become so, this stuff is strictly enterprise territory, and you know it as well as I do... (shrug) Mike. :p
  14. MikeWalsh

    Ever dreamed of a 30TB hard drive?

    Mm.....eventually, yes (but not just yet). DDR5 will allow up to around 128 GB RAM, with certain mobo/chipset combos. With the pace of advances & size increases, I would guess the ability to install and use a terabyte of RAM will probably be with us at around the DDR8 or 9 refreshes. Petabyte...
  15. MikeWalsh

    gimp 2.10 - textbox

    I use three main graphics apps - and graphic design has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. G.I.M.P Photoshop CS2, running under WINE (I snagged my copy during the short-lived free-for-all following the switch-off of the CS2 activation servers in early 2015) Mooi Tech's PhotoScape 3.7...
  16. MikeWalsh

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    @VanillaCoffee :- If you want up-to-date, stable, rock-solid, regularly maintained/updated and with access to the huge Debian repositories - in this case, the "Buster" repos - along with the traditional 'apt-get' package management mechanism, then it's a no-brainer. You want Vanilla DPup. Take...
  17. MikeWalsh

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    My response to this is two-fold. Back in 2003, when Puppy first appeared on the scene, NAND flash - the type of memory you find in flash drives - was still rather 'delicate'. Excessive I/O read/write operations could very easily wear NAND out. Modern NAND is very, VERY much more 'durable'...
  18. MikeWalsh

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    @VanillaCoffee :- Yep, I thought so. Lord Boltar WAS on the right track. That particular set of "wee" error messages simply shows you haven't flagged the partion where the bootloader lives as being "bootable". That should fix the issue. It appears to have done for others with those same "wee"...
  19. MikeWalsh

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    @VanillaCoffee :- Sorry to be a while getting to you! As mentioned earlier, it's the "time-zone" thing. Lord Boltar is quite right. 'Wee', etc, indicates this is purely a Grub4DOS bootloader issue, nothing more. It's easily fixable, but not one I've encountered for some time, so I'll need to...
  20. MikeWalsh

    upload Linux

    Yeah, forum software may be largely similar, but there's a shed-load of variations. There's no end of organisations use the same phpBB forum software as we use in the Puppy Community. I've seen several that have all kinds of 'ranks', or like with, points at which the member 'state'...