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    How To Check Printer Ink Levels In Linux Mint.

    Yup. I pretty much only use distros (on real hardware) with decent support and a stable release. That doesn't mean we don't get upgrades, but it does tend to keep things similar over the lifetime of the operating system. I value that stability, that sameness. When it's time to upgrade, I move...
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    Debian 12 - High clock speed at idle

    Original Poster (signifies that you started the thread).
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    Today's article has you playing with trees...

    Ever wanted to make a pretty directory tree? Well, you can! Not only can you make directory trees, with and without files listed, you can take that output stream and send it to a handy-dandy text document. If you've ever really need to understand a directory structure, the tree command is there...
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    May I have a Linux recommendation for Macbook Air 2017?

    Only by Mac/Windows/gamer standards. You can run any distro just fine.
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    May I have a Linux recommendation for Macbook Air 2017?

    It should run just fine as it was before the M1 CPU architecture. You may need to add 'nomodeset' (search at your favorite search engine) to any Linux distro you go with.
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    May I have a Linux recommendation for Macbook Air 2017?

    I'd recommend looking at Ubuntu or official Ubuntu flavors, with Ubuntu having up to 10 years of extended support free for five devices. You're already ahead of the pack. Good!
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    Linux Apps PTT

    You have already asked this question. There's seldom any reason to double post on a forum this small. This thread has been locked.
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    Keyboard issues in Peppermint Linux

    Oh, wow! Good catch!
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    tinycore forum registration broken

    No, we just have an 'other' and some more generic forums. The distro-specific forums are pretty limited and mostly apply to the more popular distros. You're more than welcome to use a more generic forum. That's what they're there for, I suppose.
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    Can You Trust Claims of "Long Term Support" in Distro Releases?

    I would say yes. They've supported all their OSes for quite a while, with maybe the exception of ME which was only like 6 years. They even extended XP's support beyond the time limit they were initially contracted for. Given their use in corporate environments, you can be pretty sure they'll...
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    I want to use Oracle EBS on linux and i am facing problems

    There's no reason to double post. Thread locked.
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    Can You Trust Claims of "Long Term Support" in Distro Releases?

    I'm sure some largely-personal projects have been abandoned but only CentOS has abandoned their LTS - though I think they kept 7 as full-length (it has been around for a long time now, almost a decade).
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    tinycore forum registration broken

    I've moved this to off-topic, as it's not really a 'getting started' question, nor a Linux question. Don't let that alarm you, as the same number of people are going to see it and open it.
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    Xubuntu Core

    See my first post. Instead of trying to pare down a distro, build it from a solid foundation - which is the server install. There are going to be a zillion tutorials out there to do this (as I am speculating you don't already know how). To be clear, it's not bad that you don't know how. You've...
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    Today's article is way too easy for most of you...

    Today, we list files in a directory. I didn't write it until yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday, so I wasn't going to put much effort into it. I expect every person here knows how to use the 'ls' command and then, on top of that, I only covered a small subset of what the command does - enough...
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    Xubuntu Core

    None of the current Ubuntu family distros support 32 bit anymore. (Just to wipe that off the menu.) There's also an Ubuntu Core that's only for IoT devices. You can use the Ubuntu Server release as a minimal install disk and just add things like a window manager and desktop environment.
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    Microsoft release their own Linux distro

    This has been the case for a few years.
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    Today's article has you disabling that pesky caps lock key...

    This might come as a shock, but not everyone is you! LOL IF I WANT TO TYPE IN CAPS, I CAN DO THAT PRETTY EASILY BY JUST LEAVING A FINGER ON THE SHIFT KEY. (AND REMOVING THE FINGER FOR PUNCTUATION.) Also, these days I do headers with CTRL + ALT + $NUMBER. Well, first I do CTRL + HOME to...
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    My guess too is that it refers to recovered stolen goods.
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    More On Shutter - Wizards Corner

    I leave all sorts of things open, probably too many things. I seldom reboot, so it just sort of accumulates.