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  1. dbdemon

    Welcome to the club! I've been using Fedora on my primary laptop for many years. It's a really...

    Welcome to the club! I've been using Fedora on my primary laptop for many years. It's a really good, solid distro.
  2. dbdemon

    import CSV files into MySQL with BASH

    Which line do you get the error on? Googling the error message ("bad substitution") suggests you might not be running this as a bash script, but rather with dash which is installed at / symlinked from /bin/sh on some Linux distros. Although there could be other explanations.
  3. dbdemon

    MacOS (OS X) VS Linux

    You also completely missed the whole issue of open-source vs proprietary, the cost, the existence of support subscriptions from Linux vendors such as Redhat, and that Mac OS only supports a very small number of computer models whereas Linux aims to support a huge range from small embedded...
  4. dbdemon

    Programming with BASH

    Exactly. #!/bin/bash is better, the Internet agrees :) I did notice the recommendation to use #!/usr/bin/env bash which I agree is even better - but how far is it reasonable to go to support non-standard locations of a shell? Edit: I've just realised my FreeBSD VM has bash at...
  5. dbdemon

    Programming with BASH

    Isn't that bad practice? If you're writing actual bash scripts, then would it not be better to use #!/bin/bash? I would have thought that only if you intended to write POSIX compliant shell scripts that don't use any of the bash extension should you use #!/bin/sh. Not everyone's default shell is...
  6. dbdemon

    Database recommendations?

    Back to the original question about alternatives to MS SQL and SQL Agent Jobs: MariaDB has quite extensive documentation for people who are migrating from SQL Server: I'm not familiar with SQL Agent Jobs, but it sounds a bit like...
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    Web persecution complex

    Did you use your real name as the username on these accounts? Or are you using the same username for all your accounts? If so, then it's probably a good idea not to write anything too crazy. I used my real name in the early days when Usenet and newsgroups were still a thing to be reckoned with...
  8. dbdemon

    Database recommendations?

    Yes, you can, with distributed sqlite a.k.a. dqlite: It's important to note SQLite's limitations and only use it for appropriate use-cases: TL;DR: Don't use it if the data is separated from the application by a network, if there are many...
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    Mysql or Mariadb. 2 node Replication / Cluster

    There is a possible issue with the architecture shown in your diagram if you intend to use Galera: It looks like you intend to write to both database nodes. While this is possible, it can result in deadlocks at unexpected times which your application must be designed to handle. The problem is...