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  1. bob466

    Switching from windows to Linux

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    I think I've minced my Home Directory

    There are some safe ways to create Disk space... Your best option at this stage is a clean install and never do this again.
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    Linux Kernel LTS cut from 6 years to 2 years

    This doesn't bother me at long as everything works...I'm also now using a Nvidia Graphics Card and haven't had problems with new Kernels...anyway if I did there's always Timeshift.
  4. bob466

    Using a DVD that normally uses Windows drivers

    I use either VLC or Celluloid for DVDs on Mint and VLC on my win 7 VM with no problems. You could use HandBrake to copy the DVDs to MPEG-4 format and watch them on anything...then save them to an External HDD/SSD.
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    Wireless Mouse Failure Follows Power Outage

    Maybe the mouse is the problem.
  6. bob466

    How To Install Ventoy In Linux Mint The Easy Way For Beginners.

    If you follow the instructions in post will look like this... When you get to this stage just hit Install...this is the latest version.
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    I was nearly going to welcome the guy too.
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    Trying to move videos from pc to iphone using ifuse but not working

    This is why I love Android phones...copy any video in to it...simple.
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    Read this if you downloaded free download manager

    They've been around for a long time but I've never seen the need to use one.
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    linux pop ups are taking over

    I got a pop up...
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    Renaming a USB Drive

    There are a number of valid reasons to re-name a Flash Drives or External HDDs/ all depends on what it's used for. For me it's easier to re-name with Disks...than it is to pull a sticker off or try to get off a marker that won't come off but that's me.
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    home site

    Maybe OP means the Home folder...some would say Home is where the heart is.
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    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Solved I cannot install Deb packages on Linux Mint 21.2

    I just double click the deb file and click...Install Package.
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    Solved Kernel update problem

    And... How to undo the complications that Grub Customizer has afflicted 2. If you're a victim of Grub Customizer, you can restore a Timeshift snapshot in order to get rid of it. If you don't have such a snapshot I advise to let it be, as long as it works.... When you have no Timeshift snapshot...
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    Solved Kernel update problem

    This is your might want to read this...
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    How to fix very slow download speed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? Specially on Terminal downloads.

    If my download speed is slower than what I'm paying for...I'll ring my ISP and give em hell. I always check mine with these...I don't use the Terminal.
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    Solved Kernel update problem

    Welcome to the Forum. When a new kernel becomes available from the update manager...I always create a Timeshift snapshot before I install it...just in case. Should any problem arise you just restore it...then wait till the next Kernel comes along. I'm running 5.15.0-83 on Mint Cinnamon...
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    The future of Linux Mint

    The only place Linux Mint is going is up... No mention of disaster at Mint HQ... Only exciting times ahead.
  20. bob466

    Why Linux is more secure than Windows

    But trying to convince beginners is something else.