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    Anybody using a Mac Pro 6.1 for Linux? (Trash Can Mac)

    I ran MX/antiX successfully on a MBP and a MBA (both Intel) circa 2010 (MBP) 2011 (MBA). The trick is connect with the installer (on CD for the MBP) with wifi, be sure to have sound and picture working before hitting the install button. Erase the whole thing, don't dual boot. The MBP is older...
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    Asus Eee PC Seashell - can it live again?

    The CLI Apt Installer of antiX is very powerful, try to learn that instead of going for other distros. Worse come to worst you can install Synaptic then remove it when you are done. Beside Puppy I doubt that your eeePC can run smooth on other distros.
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    Asus Eee PC Seashell - can it live again?

    I successfully ran antiX on my eeePC 4G Surf, which I think is worse than yours. I used an external SD card, as Mike said, it doesn't make sense to invest more money in these thingy.
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    Why Do I Bother

    Vanity, one of 4 human desires that make our world.
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    When the Motherboard comes with a keylogger
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    How to install Linux on my old laptop

    Tahrpup might help.
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    offline software installation

    I'd run Puppy inside a VM, connect to the internet using only Puppy, not the host.
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    Virtualization solutions for Linux - pros, cons and hardware requirements

    I don't play games, so Virtualbox is good enough for me. I dropped Qemu because maitaining two is too much for my aging brain.
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    Japan Dumping Radioactive Waste Water into the Ocean

    I stopped buying raised salmon and shrimp long time ago, not because of pollution scare but their awful taste.
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    Complete freeze in different Distros

    I use EasyOS and MX, both allow me not to start services that I don't need or don't like.
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    Japan Dumping Radioactive Waste Water into the Ocean

    OK, now I know, that will make it worse ... psychologically.:( Beside, when haddock doesn't taste like haddock, I would say thank, I won't buy it again considering the jacked up price.
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    Japan Dumping Radioactive Waste Water into the Ocean

    I think I'll stop eating seafood for a few years. The way things are now, you can't trust the source of any product. Fish are transferred mid-ship, processed and labelled as coming from any country they want.
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    Linux Mint 21.1 install on old laptop

    Try BionicPup32 before dumping it.
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    Need to find a good Linux distro

    Linux is like cooking your own food, enjoy and save. Windows is like eating at restaurant ... bad one to boost.:(
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    Fast distro

    If I had 1G RAM computer I would choose antiX, 2G RAM, I would dual boot Easy and MX. antiX has 3 ways to install packages. Together they cover all I ever need.
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    Fast distro

    Not if the computer is weak. The Puppy family run noticeably faster on weak computers.
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    Australia's surprise spot on list of most-hacked countries

    Maybe we Canadians are not far bind. In the 21st century we couldn't make a Payroll system.
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    Hello Linux Nerds

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    Can you install Linux on 2011 Macbook Air? Live? Can you undo it?

    That's not promising. Apple don't make life easy for non-MAC users. I suggest you make a USB with a 1) System recovery distro (I use Parted Magic) 2) MX Linux (because it handles weird drivers better than most). I use Yumi for that, but you try Ventoy, Balena Etcher, Rufus ... if they do not...
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    Hello Linux Nerds

    15 years ago some manufacturers not only ignore Linux, they are downright hostile to it. My scanner is a Canon 5600F. I scoured forums and asked for help, and people gave it up for dead. Do you know that Samsung SSD don't support Trim, shortens their life? I don't know about now, because I...