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  1. ImOverThere


    All right so my screen right now is upside down and I cant find a fix to it to no avail. This is really disorientating. If some one could please post how to dis able this that would be great. My computer is not a touch screen by any means. I've tried many many different codes to try and wright...
  2. ImOverThere

    Code Lite corruption problems after software download.

    So I downloaded Code Lite onto my laptop and now every time I try to set it up for C/C++ like their website directs you too do it throws up an error page followed by something something corrupted dispo/codelite....? Has any one had this problem before?
  3. ImOverThere

    General questions on software downloading.

    Alright so I need to build another password thief to get into my moms computer. But my big question is the software I used I'm not entirely sure if I can download it with Linux as my new OS. I'm hoping I'm making a big fuss out of nothing but I would rather be safe than create a massive headache...
  4. ImOverThere

    Acer Aspire one difficulties

    Hello, Sooo I swapped out my windows on my Acer aspire one shortly after I did my mane laptop. It WAS going fine and running good till tonight. Its now getting hot enough to make breakfast on it and is lagging out miserably. Is there a certain area I can look too that might show problems? Or...
  5. ImOverThere

    Wifi printer connection Problems.

    Alright, I have found a hiccup. Not a major one but an annoyance at the most. I have a Wi-Fi printer made by Brother. I can pull it up in the select your printer but once I try to connect to it, It kicks back and says connection failed cant find connection point. Not sure if I missed something...
  6. ImOverThere

    New To linux and the world of programming.

    Hello, I'm new to the programming area and to the world of Linux. Microsoft ticked me off for the very last time. I'm starting this thread to pic your brains and learn as much as possible, from both those that have been using Linux from the beginning, and through research. I'm downloading Ubuntu...