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    Mint 18 Sleep Mode

    I have had Mint 18.0 installed on my Tower PC for a few weeks now and pleased with the move from Windows 7. My problem is i want to be able to send the computer to sleep as i did with Windows. I click on the Mint logo select suspend and it switches the machine off, tried Hibernate and the same...
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    Cache-Temp Files- defrag ETC

    Recently install Mint 18.0 and Ubuntu 18.3 on both of my computers, moved most of what i want saving across now and using Linux much more daily . I have been installing then deleting various programs also lots of Browser usage. If i had been on Windows i would by now be using something like...
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    qBittorrent Mint 18.0 update from 3.3.1

    Found qBittorrent website and looking for Mint upgrade my version 3.3.1 at the bottom of page Select operating system: click Linux but nothing for Mate is it possible to use one of the other versions or would i be better off staying with this version. running 4.1.7 on another machine with Ubuntu...
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    qBittorrent for Mint 18.0

    In the process of setting up my computer from Windows 7 to Mint 18.0 as recommended because of the specs. Is qbittorrent available for Mint !8.0, also have it on my laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. and find it works well. Thank you.
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    Thunderbird problems- Mint 18.0

    Just installed Mint 18.0 on my Tower PC, Because of its spec this was recommended by members of this site and pleased with the outcome. Set up Thunderbird as my client, had to add Sent Folder but mail not going into folder after sending. Google search shows this seems to be a recognized...
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    Ubuntu-TV via HDMI

    I seem to be taking up a lot of peoples time with questions since joining. believe me i do try to sort things out before posting. For the first time since migrating to Ubuntu 18.04 from windows i connected my laptop to the Samsung smart TV to watch something via HDMI lead. The TV detected the...
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    Next Computer Please

    Migrated my laptop a few weeks ago from a 64 bit machine Windows 7 to Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit and very pleased with the outcome. Now i need advice on doing the same with my HP Tower machine with windows 7- 32 bit AMD Athlon 7550 dual core 2.50 GHZ with 4GB ram. i want to know will it run Ubuntu...
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    Rar Extraction

    New convert to Linux and Ubuntu 18.04. thanks to all who have answered my previous questions which has resulted in me having a efficient version i am very happy with. installed qBittorrent which is working well, yesterday i downloaded a large file which i found had to be Rar Extracted. Followed...
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    Back Again!!

    Thanks to all replies to my previous post plus threads posted by people, they have all been a great help. Now to try something I'm not sure is possible so all comments welcome. I have used U torrent 2.2.1 in Windows with no complaints for many years. i have read if i was doing this from one...
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    Firejail help please.

    New to Linux using Ubuntu Bionic Beaver, have been advised to add Firejail as extra security. Installed from link given but found Firefox was unable to connect to internet, managed to google problem and uninstalled from Terminal. Then tried from Activities/software but not sure of how to open...
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    Firewall Yes or No?

    Firstly, thank you to all who replied to my (32 bit is it supported ) question on this page. So i have downloaded and using Ubuntu 18.04.2 64 bit. LTS Bionic Beaver and first impressions are good This is my first time with Linux and i read comments saying no need for firewall or other security...
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    32 bit is it supported?

    Hello to all. I have a HP Tower PC 10 years old with 4GB ram AMD Athlon 7550 dual core 2.50 GHZ and its a 32 bit machine which is running fine with windows 7 at the moment. I would like to convert to Linux but i keep reading no Disto is now supporting 32 bit machines, is this true?. I only...