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  1. TheProf

    Dipping a toe back into gaming...

    I used to follow this channel when I was into Racing Sims, I dont anymore, but this guy does a really good job reviewing different hardware for the racing sim. I think the guy himself has a 100K Racing Sim in his house fully decked out with 3 x 40"+ screens doing surround gaming with custom...
  2. TheProf

    xdg-desktop-portal eating up memory

    I am not 100% sure, but maybe that could be a memory leak? Are there any other apps on your system using a lot memory? Memory leaks usually happen when an app fails to release the memory that is no longer used, often times rebooting or killing the process frees up the memory. I also looked on...
  3. TheProf

    Solved PHP Question

    Maybe something like this might work: <?php $folderPath = '/home/ubuntu/test'; $br = PHP_EOL; $hr = "<hr size='10'>"; $files = glob($folderPath . '/*.txt'); foreach ($files as $file) { $reading = file_get_contents($file); $wordCount = str_word_count($reading); if ($wordCount...
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    Thanks for allowing me to join.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Red Hat Takes Aim at Rocky Linux & AlmaLinux, Restricts RHEL Code Access

    I was pissed off in the beginning as well! Came out of nowhere, it is interesting that this is happening now and not before, but I guess the times are tougher today then they were years ago. If you look at RHELs financials, they are not doing that well it seems, maybe I misunderstood the...
  6. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    Thanks for posting, I would just mention a few points here: 1. Installing the latest driver is important, but usually for AMD systems, the driver is already included in the kernel so nothing to install. With the exception of the GPU being nvidia or if you need pro desktop graphics which would...
  7. TheProf


    Agreed! This is something that I realized when I first started using Linux. Moved around a bit until I got settled on a distro that I like.
  8. TheProf

    Completely new to linux advise needed.

    You can do both Windows and Linux as a dual boot. In terms of what you should do, depends on your goals... Linux is very common in an enterprise like Windows. If you want to go the route of DevOps, Linux is a common first step, although Windows fits in DevOps as well, just not as much as Linux...
  9. TheProf

    Learning linux for devops-Recommend some courses.

    What are you looking for specifically? DevOps is just a way of working / mindset, etc... There are so many different technologies and job requirements within DevOps realm, its hard to just provide information for DevOps only. If you just want to understand DevOps principles, go on YouTube, you...
  10. TheProf

    Learning linux for devops-Recommend some courses.

    I use KodeKloud training for Linux and DevOps related tech in general. Their training is made up of videos + hands on labs.
  11. TheProf

    Wow, Linux gaming has really improved!

    From what I can see, lately, there has been a lot of improvements in Linux gaming... I only started using Linux a few years back, but over the course of those few years, gaming has improved a lot. Now with the Steam Deck, valve is making more and more games work on Linux, a huge win for Linux.
  12. TheProf

    I use arch btw

    Is your main reason for using Arch because of the AUR? Are there apps you can't get on other distros? Nothing wrong with Arch, I tired it myself, but ended up on Fedora eventually as it had everything I needed. I used Arch to learn linux, was a good experience.
  13. TheProf

    And in response to Ubuntu Snaps...

    Myself and @f33dm3bits have been going back and forth regarding the flatpak vs snaps, etc... I think we're on the same page when it comes to choosing flatpaks over snaps. But ultimately, Canonical is trying to appeal a lot to the corporate world and so they are looking for ways to add value that...
  14. TheProf

    Is Linux or Windows 11 better?

    You might be able to clear up some temporary files, uninstall some apps you dont need, but in general, that won't clear up a lot of space. 120GB for the OS should be enough, but if you're storing additional data like games, music, videos, etc, you're better off putting that on a second hard...
  15. TheProf

    My Experience With Ventoy.

    Agreed, with the CLI it is doable, but as this is desktop linux, you dont always feel like using the CLI and so having that progress bar visible within the DE would be nice for user experience. New folks using desktop linux are not going to look for a command line to copy a file just to see...
  16. TheProf

    My Experience With Ventoy.

    I think the issue is that there's no indication of the copy progress which is what makes it confusing. In windows, you usually have a progress bar that tells you the status of the copy... I've seen in the past in Linux too, but not for some reason when copying to a USB key, at least from my...
  17. TheProf

    Upgrade to Linux Mint 21 and 21.1 from Mint 20.3

    I've used Fedora for a little over a year now, and I've done one major upgrade from 36 to 37 and had very good experience, I didnt find the need to do a new install :)
  18. TheProf

    Expirion Linux

    I keep hearing about distros with XanMod Kernel but I never actually tried it myself, will give this a try.
  19. TheProf

    InstantCheckmate, TruthFinder confirm data breach affecting 20M customers

    Another gets breached... seems like the norm these days...