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  1. Eddie Paul Litz

    From Linux To Windows on Desktop PC

    I want to put Windows back on my Aunts Desktop PC. I downloaded the ISO. I tried using Etcher & WoeUSB & non of those worked. I even tried using Rufus through Wine & the Rufus program doesn't fully work. Anyone here got any ideas that could help me out here?
  2. Eddie Paul Litz

    Linux Freezes Randomly

    My Linux has been freezing randomly. Could a cooling pad cause it to freeze? I had my New 1 TB Hard Drive formatted to work w/ all systems & devices. Could it still cause my system to freeze up?
  3. Eddie Paul Litz

    KDE Connect & GS Connect Issue

    I have KDE Connect & GS Connect installed on both devices (KDE on my Tablet & GS on Ubuntu) & the devices still won't show each other. Is there something I'm missing? Please help me out here.
  4. Eddie Paul Litz

    Upgrade To Gnome 3.34?

    How do I upgrade to Gnome 3.34?
  5. Eddie Paul Litz

    Lock Screen Background Change

    How do I change the Lock Screen background to my own custom image?
  6. Eddie Paul Litz

    M64PY Screen Flicker Issues

    The M64Py keeps flickering during game play, how can this be fixed? What are the best settings to use to keep it from flickering?
  7. Eddie Paul Litz

    N64 Emulation For Linux

    What's the best N64 Emulator for Linux that will let me use my Keyboard as the controller?
  8. Eddie Paul Litz

    Speed up Processing Ram in Linux?

    Is there a way to speed up Processing Ram besides just turning off features, closing apps, & removing apps like there is in Windows? Perhaps a Linux App to speed up Processing Ram?
  9. Eddie Paul Litz

    Linux & Fragments, Linux & Corrupted Files & Errors?

    Does Linux files ever get fragmented & get corrupted files & errors? Also, does Linux get cluttered w/ useless files?
  10. Eddie Paul Litz

    To Delete the .cache Folder?

    Is it safe to delete the .cache folder in the Home folder? Btw, I like the redesign of your guys Forum. Nice work;)
  11. Eddie Paul Litz

    From 18.04 to 19.04 Skipping 18.10

    If I want to, how can I upgrade to 19.04 from 18.04 & skip 18.10 using the software updater?
  12. Eddie Paul Litz

    Ubuntu 19.04 & Android

    Once Disco Dingo 19.04 is released, will I be able to have my Android wirelessly connected to it & do all the things as if it were connected by USB Cable?
  13. Eddie Paul Litz

    Daily Builds & Updates

    Do daily builds of Ubuntu get updates as if it was the Official Ubuntu?
  14. Eddie Paul Litz

    Battery Causing PC to Shut Off @ 45-54%

    Is there any way to fix the Battery so I'll get warned to plug it @ 10%? It keeps causing my PC to shut off @ 45-54%. Is there any way to fix that or just get a new Battery?
  15. Eddie Paul Litz

    Need to Delete a Locked Folder

    I want to delete that folder that is locked. How do I delete it?
  16. Eddie Paul Litz

    Rebooting Chromecast on Linux?

    Is there any possibility to reboot chromecast on Linux?
  17. Eddie Paul Litz

    New Kernel Every Ubuntu Release?

    I'm glad I got my Linux support team back:);):D. Anyway, does every Ubuntu release include a new version of the Linux Kernel?
  18. Eddie Paul Litz

    Linux.org Forums Cut Off Yesterday, Why?

    What happened to you guys yesterday? I thought I was going to lose you guys & I didn't want that. Please explain why this forum cut off on me yesterday so I understand.
  19. Eddie Paul Litz

    Add SDA5 Crypt Back To Boot

    I reinstalled Ubuntu w/out the Crypt Password, now how do I add it back to the boot sequence?
  20. Eddie Paul Litz

    Busybox Black Boot Screen vs Boot Repair

    Has anyone here ran into the Busybox Black Boot Screen Error & used Boot Repair to fix it, if so, did it work & got there Linux Boot repaired? Does it fix the Busybox Boot Screen Error?