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    Move /var directory to a new partition

    Why would you want to put /var on its own partition? The disk size is 200GB. I have 150 GB of free space. I can set 50GB for /var. Moreover, it's a requirement that I have to create a new partition.
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    Move /var directory to a new partition

    I'd like to move /var directory to a new partition on the SAME disk. I'm not adding any new hard disk. I tried the following commands to do so. Can someone help with the last 2 commands? Also, how do I make sure it doesn't use old /var anymore? lsblk mkdir /mnt/newvar blkid mount /dev/xvda1...
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    Moving directories into separate partition

    I have an EC2 instance running on RHEL 7.9 with one volume /dev/sda. I am not a Linux admin. I just know some basic stuff. How do I move /var & /home directories into separate partitions? I have to do this due to some requirements. What would be the impacts of doing so? Thanks.