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    How Secure Is Linux?

    in 20 years that $100 might buy you a gumball in a very screwed up society
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    How Secure Is Linux?

    I had no idea compuserve became yahoo. I had compuserve. I also wonder if any self respecting linux user has or would use M$ Edge on linux. I wouldn't trust it personally.
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    Translation, please.(Help with a procedure)

    I think that in the grand scheme of things it would be cheaper and easier all around to get a new router. I sell them locally for $60 so I expect similar prices near you and just save lots of time. But if you want the learning experience then you are on the right track but keep in mind that...
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    Translation, please.(Help with a procedure)

    I always look at things a bit different but TP Link routers are not high end nor expensive to replace. Perhaps instead of spending countless hours on it, might just be worth it to purchase a $60 router and just replace it with something you know works. However I wonder what you were doing that...
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    I only want to install Linux on my laptop. I have formatted the windows

    That couldn't be less true. Linux does not need anything from Windows at all. If you did all that what happened was you made many steps that you did not need to. Linux will install on a totally empty drive without issue. In fact an install of windows on the drive can hinder linux install if not...
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    New ssd won't boot after clone

    I have resized partitions without issues many times. If it is just a regular partition you can use gparted and it will nicely handle the resize. If you are using LVM (Logical Volume Management) there is a procedure for that also and it is not tough. Let us know which you need help with.
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    New ssd won't boot after clone

    I just ran into a similar issue with Fedora. I used clonezilla and after 3 tries I got the same issues each time. The 4th time I sat and watched and noticed it was detecting my ext4 as bttrfs and that was the issue. I had to tell it to do a sector clone and that solved it. I would expect your...
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    Low Disk Space Plus Errors (Solved}

    I am not a mint expert so you may be right, but mint according to what I saw does often use it. If it is then that is his solution. Otherwise something similar but he may need more room in the root partition according to his message. Similar procedure different tool. Clearly the backup is on...
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    linux mint

    The above advice is great but the most common thing I run into when I hear somebody complain the system is running slow is a physical issue. You should rule out that the problem is the hard drive itself. Especially if it is a mechanical drive and not a solid state. Use S.M.A.R.T. to look for...
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    Low Disk Space Plus Errors (Solved}

    It sounds like you have a low disk space on the root which looks like a Logical Volume issue. That means that your linux mint is using LVM which was used on fedora until recently. you need to take free space from your home partition and move it to your root partition. The above suggestions may...
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    linux pop ups are taking over

    the biggest reason you are getting so much flak is this.... "hi c, i did a restart and i'm not seeing it anymore. i will let you know if it happens again thx for your prompt response why was linux designed so poorly that restarts fixes problems it causes?" you made this rather ignorant...
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    I think I've minced my Home Directory

    My dentist used to have a sign in his waiting room that read... "You don't have to brush all your teeth, Just the ones you want to keep" The same is true for your data and backups. No media is perfect and no data will last on any particular media forever. I like to use something call "ReDo"...
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    Android Security Issues(CONCLUDED)

    getting a virus on Android is very rare, I would expect the most likely issue is corruption from either a bad update or faulty memory. Either one means do a factory reset and be ready to get a new device.
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    I think I've minced my Home Directory

    I agree with this. rebuild and learn your lessons like most of the rest of us have. Also if you are not using a laptop but rather a desktop/tower then add a 2nd hard drive and install linux on one, windows on the other and that way they will play nice together. I have posted this many times and...
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    Linux on iMac reboots instead of shutdown

    I have seen issues periodically on fedora that causes the inability to restart and also to cause restart instead of shutdown. The problem is indeed ACPI related and has to be fixed in the kernel with an update. Which may never come if it is not a known reported bug. The problem when I see it...
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    Using a DVD that normally uses Windows drivers

    I agree that VLC is the way to go. but if you are having issues with the region I can give you some help there. since we do not know the flavor of linux you are using I am giving directions for Fedora and you can adapt the command as needed first you need to install the utility to change region...
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    Switching from windows to Linux

    Fedora is a good choice. I am also a developer and my company uses and promotes Fedora. It is well supported and powerful if not as popular as some others. You will find that developing in linux as the others said is great on most flavors of linux.
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    Today's article is a nice simple article, where you get to monitor your bandwidth...

    Many developers make use of terminal commands with a GUI. I have a project I did that is still evolving which allows you to type (in the future to speak) commands in a fairly human way and have them execute on any computer you have on your network including over internet. It makes use of...
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    Cogent Computer Systems CSB703 / CSB733 SBC

    I just got a shipment in of pi4B 8gb but as I think I said I sell them at $270. However that is not just a board which should be $80. That is including 256G MSD, heat sinks, fans, case, power supply, HDMI adapter, preinstalled fedora 38 and everything ready to go just plug it in and go. The Pi's...
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    Text-to-Speech Software

    You would have to work hard to offend me. so no worry. I will say that linux is far behind in the area of speech to text and I wish we would catch up. We could once again put windows to shame. My biggest grievance is putting everything online and making solutions online. Well the internet is and...