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  1. Jared.

    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    Realistically, Windows is still the default. All games are designed to work (depending on version at the time of their initial release) on the OS. While there has been great improvements in Linux in terms of gsming through multiple projects and the compatibility of gsmes has increased...
  2. Jared.

    I need help!

    You can try using MX Linux, it comes preinstalled with tons of programs, so its bound to have everything you need. However, most, if not all programs you have listed are not available on Linux, but there might be an alternative which suffices your needs.
  3. Jared.

    LENOVO Winbook 100e running windows 10,

    On the start menu, you can type dxidag and it would provide the cpu, gpu and sound card specs. Considering it's Lenovo, I'd just wing it and see how the Linux distribution runs ina live environment (basically what you get booted into when booting from a distro on a flashdrive for the first...
  4. Jared.


    You can just download the android version of it through the Google Play store for Chromebooks.
  5. Jared.

    Broke my Sudo authentication... How to fix?

    Have you used timeshift or formatted the drive in the btrfs file system? That way you could go back to a previous "snapshot" of when it was working. Here is another solution, try running the command pkexec along with a CLI text editor. pkexec can be used instead of sudo for non-graphical...
  6. Jared.

    Getting set up

    That's a bit harder for me to critique, as I don't really own prebuilt desktops. But for my custom built one, I was able to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website into a usb stick and flash it onto my motherboard through the BIOS. If everything is working, you should not be worried...
  7. Jared.

    Broke my Sudo authentication... How to fix?

    I might be wrong in my explanation because I can't remmeber how PopOS preconfigures their systems but you can try logging in as a root user. Enter tty by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F3. Once there you would be signed as your home user. Enter the command exit to logout of said user. Next when prompting...
  8. Jared.

    Yeti Blackout Mic installation with Pop! OS

    It should work out of the box. Has he tried toggling the microphone slider?
  9. Jared.

    Getting set up

    There are alternatives to hwinfo64 such as lm-sensors, ksysdata and netdata, if you want a graphical user interface. For terminal user interfaces, there's hwinfo, lshw, more, hardinfo and kinfocenter. I, personally use netdata, lshw and hwinfo. As for drivers for your graphics cards, as listed...
  10. Jared.

    Do you host a podcast or a twitch or youtube channel? Content in both English and Spanish are welcome

    I am planning to start my own youtube channel, I have everything in place. I just haven't had the time to start since the pandemic has occurred and university began.
  11. Jared.

    LibreWolf on Debian

    It's a browser that runs on the WebKit engine and is fairly easy to use. You have a way block JavaScript from websites with a simple click. The only downside, if you would call it such, is that I wae unable to view videos on youtubez the last time I used it a few months ago.
  12. Jared.

    Hello Linux world, my name is Rhedux

    Welcome aboard.
  13. Jared.

    hey, I'd like to become "that guy" who only boots up windows on virtual machines to play games while using mainly linux...

    I would like to add that some games do have native Linux ports where the process is even easier as it just requires you to download the game and play.
  14. Jared.

    URGENT:::: Linux system not loading up login page....

    Your username would most your first name (assuming you entered your actual name in the menu when initially installing the distribution) in all common letters. You could also go to recovery mode and type: ls /home which would allow you to view the users on your computer and hence the usernames...
  15. Jared.

    Hardware Compatibility

    For the majority of cases, software can never break hardware. The worst case scenario would be that you would not be able to boot the operating system onto your machine. Any laptop could be compatibile with Linux, though some more than others. Typically, HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops have a better...
  16. Jared.

    Drivers Update

    Either through the GUI package manager, Discover. There should be a button to update all your software. If you would want to do it via the terminal. Type the command:sudo pkcon refresh && sudo pkcon update This would update all packages. For KDE Neon, it is generally recommended to use pkcon...
  17. Jared.

    dell_smbios: unable to run on non-dell system

    It seems as though libsmbios-c2 was installed automatically. Due to the particular package being provided by Dell it would look for the BIOS extensions for that. That should be just a warning and not a critical error. You could go into the termkmal and type:modinfo dell-smbios In order to...
  18. Jared.

    Linux "market" share?

    Microsoft has never publicly released any Linux distributions. They have made Microsoft Azure which servers and native services run on Linux. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2) is a compatibility layer to run Linux binaries on Windows. The former is used mostly for virtualization (though it can...
  19. Jared.

    - Solved - LiveUSB installation of inxi

    I am unsure how EndeavorOS is preconfigured compared to vanilla Arch. But is it only for that package or for any installation/updates/downloads?
  20. Jared.

    Battle for Esturia: an Old-School CRPG for Linux

    I'll check it out.